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  1. That 1st pic is sick! Way to go!
  2. If it's on the left side of Source Lake it is most probably "Not a Plum". Big slinged tree on the "top" right?
  3. Ah...Hubba Hubba. Climbed it 3 times last year. What a climb when the ice is fat and avy conditions are low!
  4. [TR] Leavenworth - Hubba Hubba 2/13/2009

    We had 13cm and 22cm screws. We hit rock a few times with the 22cm screws.
  5. Trip: Leavenworth - Hubba Hubba Date: 2/13/2009 Trip Report: Gabe and I decided to do Bryant on Friday and then head over to Leavenworth to do Hubba Hubba on Saturday, but the avvy danger was high at Alpental, so we headed to Leavenworth. We got a late start and wondered if we even had time to do Hubba Hubba, but so be it we said and headed up. We could see that the line was fat even from the parking area. Niether of us had done Hubba Hubba before, and the approach wasn’t too bad. 1000ft pretty much straight up. It would have been eaiser with about a foot more of snowpack though. On the way up both of us were wondering how the heck we were going to descend. Oh well, we’d figure that out later. Avvy danger was low, but it became obvious why. There had already been a few probably in the last few weeks. We didn’t need to bother with a warmup because the last 100 feet of the approach was solid ice and was warmup enough. We broke out the crampons and tools an made our way up to the beginning on the route. We decided to do the right. I started leading, but being my first year ice climbing, I’m still working on my mental game, so Gabe finished leading the first pitch. I seconded, and Gabe led the 2nd “full-rope length” pitch Nice hard ice, but a little soft towards the top of the 2nd pitch. By the time he got the anchor built, it was starting to get dark, so he rapped down to me, and then we rapped down. Now to figure how to get down. We ended up slinging some avvy ice and rapped down a full rope length to a nice stump, and then rapped down another full rope length to a less vertical area. From there, we made our way down and back to the car. 9 hrs car-2-car. Pretty awesome climbing day. Gear Notes: 13cm screws and a couple 22cm screws. Approach Notes: Be prepared to do the last 100 feet of the approach with crampons and tools. Also, rapping the 1st 300 feet of the descent was the best option for us to get down especially in the dark with headlamps.
  6. [TR] Bryant Falls - Left Buttress 2/6/2009

    We actually climbed this on 1.26. You can look at the TR. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=864607
  7. [TR] Bryant Falls - Left Buttress 2/6/2009

    Hey thanks for update. It's always good to know which route we're actually on. It does make sense. Rap slings were on that tree.
  8. Trip: Bryant Falls - Left Buttress Date: 2/6/2009 Trip Report: After seeing Bryant last week, Gabe and I had to get back out and try it. The weather was not the best, but avvy danger was low, so nothing was going to stop us (fair weather ice climbers in Washington are an endangered species). We approached high and found that the right buttress looked covered, but the left was mostly clear and fat on the lower section. There was a nice boot trail to it, so we didn't have to posthole very much. We were intending to do the entire route, however, halfway up the 1st pitch it turned into more mixed/alpine climbing that had virtually no protection. Gabe put one last screw in on the lower section and then climbed up another 30 or so feet, tranversed left, then downclimbed a moss-covered section to a good belay spot, cut a couple of v-threads and belayed me up. All in all, even as the weather started deteriorating, it was an awesome day of climbing. Being my first year ice climbing, building confidence is my goal. If the weather and conditions are good, we'll be trying the right buttress this weekend. Gear Notes: Screws, pro, and snow pickets. Approach Notes: Suggest approaching on the high side. Snowshoes definitely help, and are a must to get up to the right buttress.
  9. [TR] Chair Peak - 1/26/2009

    Trip: Chair Peak - Date: 1/26/2009 Trip Report: Gabe and I headed out to do the NEB of Chair Peak on Monday. Avvy conditions were almost non-existent and the weather was perfect (unlike Tuesday apparently.) Due to time constraints, we decided to do some laps on some ice we found. We did find a nice line on the left side of the cat track between the parking area and Bryant Falls. The ice was kind of soft but it did take screws and we were able to anchor with a couple of "wet" V-Threads. We tried to find the route in WA Ice, but no luck. So if anybody knows what this route is let me know.