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  1. Looking for partners to climb Forbidden Peak or Torment Forbidden traverse. I am flexible except Sundays.
  2. Aconcagua in Feb 2015

    I am trying to build a team for Aconcagua. Thinking about climbing next year(2015) in the begining of Feb when Permit is cheap. Hoping to find a partner or two.
  3. The ample downtime waiting for the 2nd team to catch up was a drawback and made us worry that we might not complete the route in day light. But it enabled us enjoy the mountain and its surrounding more leisurely. We reached to the top at the right time to witness the gorgeous sunset.
  4. I am looking for partner(s). I am interested in climbing around Cascade Pass or Washington pass or similar. I have all gears and can lead up to 5.8(alpine). - Abraham Song
  5. Trip: South Early Winter Spire - SW Couloir Date: 5/14/2014 Trip Report: I wanted to take advantage of beautiful weathers nowadays and take a day off. Not able to find a partner for Liberty Bell, I was contented to climb South Early Winter Spire with Eric and Hayoung via SW Couloir. Even though it was on Wednesday, We wasn't able to park at Blue Lake TH. The parking lot was still closed and covered with Snow. Only a couple of cars could park in front of the gate. We drove a mile to east and parked there. The route condition was still good. enough snow for comfortably climbing without roping up, not deep and firm enough for putting pickets for protection though. Some short sections had ice. But it was not big of deal. Eric had crampon problem. so he climbed without wearing crampon with one ice ax. 2 two-rope length rappels brought us down to lower Couloir where we could down-climbed. More photos: Gear Notes: 2 Pickets - didn't use Medium racks - didn't use 2 ice tools - One Ice Ax would work too.
  6. I am thinking about climbing either Baker via North Ridge or Coleman Headwall or forbidden peak on this coming Friday(5/23) and Saturday(5/24). Leave Bellevue around noon, camp in the evening, then climb Saturday early. Friday evening there might be some snow, Saturday is mostly cloudy. About 1 mile hike to TH.
  7. Is anyone interested in climbing Liberty Bell - Becky Route or South Early Winters Spire on this Wed (5/14) or Fri (5/16)?
  8. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 4/26/2014

    Thank Jeffrey and Groan for kicking steps which made us so much easy. Here are my photos as well. My camera battery died at the beginning of second couloir. So I don’t have photos between second and third couloirs. Submit photos were taken by iPhone.
  9. Rainier Libery Ridge April/May

    PM sent a couple of days ago
  10. Mt. Shasta (4/7-9)

    I am looking for a partner or two to climb Mt. Shasta on 4/7 ~ 9. I am open to any routes. If I can’t find a partner and weather permitting, I may go solo via Avalanche Gulch. - Jaehee
  11. Thinking about climbing Mt. Raininer via Gib Ledges. Last year I was able to go to the bottom of Chute and turned back because partner didn't feel good. If condition is OK, I want to try it once again. Another alternative would be Mt. Hood. I never done Mt. Hood. So any routes would be OK.
  12. Is anyone up for Stuart from 9/6(Friday)? I am thinking about climbing North ridge. but flexible with routes. I have gears, and a rope, but no transportation. Thanks,
  13. Hi climbers, I am thinking about a moderate alpine climbing next week. I can lead 5.8 and may follow 5.9. I can take two days off next week. I would like do Stuart or similar. Maybe Wednesday(8/21) and Thursday or Thursday and Friday or Friday and Saturday(8/24). I have alpine climbing gears, and rope. Don’t have a car. Thanks,
  14. Hi there, I am thinking about climbing Mt. Stuart on this Friday and Saturday. I am open to any similar alpine climbing. Thanks,
  15. thinking about North Ridge and I am prefer overnight either camping the base of Stuart or Bivy somewhere on the route, but one day can be an option.
  16. Hi there, I am looking for a partner to climb Liberty Bell via Beckey route or Rapple Grapple depending on condition. - Jaehee Thanks,
  17. Hi, I am looking for a partner for rock climbing on this sat. Thinking about going to Leavenworth or vantage. I can lead 5.7 or 5.8 range(trad). Thanks,
  18. Mt hood Memorial weekend

    PM sent
  19. Hi fellow climbers, I am thinking about going to Leavenworth on this Saturday for some rock climbing. I am not super good and is trying to do more trad climbing. I have done chair peak, the tooth, and Guye via improbable traverse. thinking about castle rock and but am open to any in Leavenworth.
  20. PMed to both of you with my contact #. Thanks,
  21. Hi there, I am looking for a partner or two to climb Mt. Rainier via Gib Ledges on this Friday(3/29) and Saturday(3/30). Summitted Mt. Rainier two times (DC and Emmons). Tried Gib Ledges last March and May and were failed due to bad weather. Weather seems good on Friday and Saturday. Thanks,
  22. Rainier this Friday and Saturday

    I am hoping to climbing Mt. Rainier again via either Kautz Glacier or Fuhrer Finger in late May or early June. Thanks,
  23. Rainier in March/April

    My objective in March or April is to climb Mt. Rainier via Gib Ledges or Fuhrer Finger or any other routes except DC or Ingraham Direct. I climbed Mt. Rainier about 8 times in all seasons and summited two times. I can't take day-offs easily. So when weather is permitting and condition is right, I can climb anytime. Jaehee