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  1. SOLD Scarpa Charmoz Mountaineering Boots

    Sold, thanks for looking!
  2. SOLD Scarpa Charmoz Mountaineering Boots

    Still available!
  3. SOLD Scarpa Charmoz Mountaineering Boots

    Bump for a new price -- $125
  4. SOLD Metolius "Slim Gym" Climbing Board

    Bump for pic... like new!
  5. SOLD - BD Slung Hexes

    Sale pending...
  6. SOLD - BD Slung Hexes

    Hexes size 11 - 4. In great shape and freshly slung with kevlar cord. #11 - $5 #10 - $5 #9 - $4 #8 - $4 #7 - $3 #6 - $3 #5 - $3 #4 - $3 Or as a set, $25... I can meet you in the Seattle area or we can figure out shipping.
  7. SOLD Scarpa Charmoz Mountaineering Boots

    Bump for new price $150 shipped to your door. These are new! If you don't like the price, give me an offer... thanks!
  8. SOLD Charlet Moser "Black Ice" Crampons

    Bump cuz I'd like to sell! $35 to your door!
  9. SOLD Metolius "Slim Gym" Climbing Board

    I'm in Seattle!
  10. SOLD Charlet Moser "Black Ice" Crampons

    Note -- these crampons will work with any mountaineering boot with lugs for automatic crampons (they are not semi-automatic). Thanks for looking!
  11. 3 piece set of Yates Ice-Screams (http://www.yatesgear.com/climbing/screamer/index.htm#3) for sale. Brand new, never been used. Retail for $18 a piece -- the set of three are yours for $18 (plus shipping if necessary)! I also have a couple of new BD screw racking clips that I'll throw in for free.
  12. Used but well cared for Black Ice Crampons. A little rusty and in need of new anti-balling mats. Rapidfix toe bail. Still plenty good for many seasons of french technique up your favorite mountain. $35 (plus shipping if necessary) takes 'em!
  13. Never-been-used Scarpa Charmoz mountaineering boots, size 44.5 Here's the skinny on these lightweight kicks: -Nylon L-Tech uppers are reinforced with Lorica® synthetic leather to offer long-lasting protection and abrasion-resistance -Gore-Tex® liners make these boots waterproof yet breathable, for comfort in a variety of conditions -Articulated ankles allow freedom of movement; friction zones give edging performance -Pro-Fiber midsole has a polyurethane reinforced heel for toe-strap crampons Vibram® Mulaz outsoles offer excellent grip, stability and durability; high rubber rands also provide protection against abrasion -Boots are semiautomatic crampon compatible These boots are clean with sharp, sticky treads -- cuz they've never hit the trail. Retailing for $280 or so, these virgin pups can be yours for $150 (plus shipping if necessary)! Yeee-haaaw!
  14. Slightly used climbing simulator for sale - fits anywhere! 3 full-hand jugs; 2 full-hand rounded slopers; 1 set of 3-finger pockets plus centered 3-finger pocket; 1 set of 2-finger pockets; 1 two-hand edge 19.5" x 6.5" (495 mm x 165 mm) Retails for $50... Yours for $20 (plus shipping if necessary)!