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  1. Washington PCT

    So here it is: port of entry headed in a north orientation is cascade locks OR/WA -the columbia rivers "bridge of gods".from there 480-510 miles after awesome places such as the goat rocks, alpine lakes,NCNP, pasayten wilderness areas one emerges from the woods 8 miles north the US border in manning park B.C -upon entering the candian side,past the monument 78 border swath-all too be found in 02' was a rusic cabin style structure declaring its pointless fukin ownership by our so called border patrol that "wasnt working that day" ..for TIME most fit hikers hiking end-end alot 20-24 days @ 20-25M PER DAY average w/a few down days. SPEED RECORDS:not sure on the exacts but willing to bet that "Flyin Brian robinson" is a good prospect with having avereged 38-42 MILES PER DAY!! no rests days ha.No permit needed.no passport in the woods i guess. hope this helps.
  2. Climb Ice 12/30 - 1/5

    kevino- pm sent.
  3. HOODs in the woods:

    MT. hood anyone might be real nICE!
  4. HOODs in the woods:

    "Shitty Side" nope-have fun!