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  1. stuff for sale:

    REI backpack 65L,size large,mint cond-65.00 Dakine radiator ski gloves size lrg-----20.00 Smith amber lense ski goggles -------20.00 Marmot sharpoint softshell jacket (lrg,blu, worn 3x)125.00 Eureka A frame XT 4 season tent used 1x- 75.00 Black diamond raven piolet (65cm)----50.00
  2. Mid week..now till the weather changes?

    hey Dane,was in the north side of snowquamie pk yesterday P.E/N.Y had a sneeze of snow on the prominent ledges nothing to get jazzed on althogh we did do some "adventure climbing" on a feature that seemed to host the most..
  3. Lots o stuff for sale.

    What size on the Altimitts?
  4. got gas money and gear ! anybody going with space ?
  5. F/S-Mens Marmot soft shell:

    Marmot Sharpoint insulated softshell,size (m),blue in color.great winter ice climbing layer! used 3 times too small for me mint cond. retail 250.00 asking 150.00 obo..
  6. Approach skis:

    170CM Rossignal skis w/silvaretta 404's(long bar) works w boots to size mens 13 and a pair of descent (another season left) of g-string skins cut to fit included..100.00
  7. how many pullups can you do?

    do pullups off the floor after a rough night count-i do lots of those!
  8. Wms scarpa T2 telemark boots:

    Size 24.5 EURO 6.5/7U.S- Blue,3 buckle boot with 3 pin toe,bellows are intact liners are perfect and boot is in mint condition... 150.00
  9. CAMP ice screws

    Philbert,the only thing you need to know about stuff made by camp is "TO LEAVE IT THERE" !!!
  10. [TR] Dragontail - Backbone ridge 7/11/2009

    go to spankys for a viewing of many "nice racks"
  11. [TR] Dragontail - Backbone ridge 7/11/2009

    hey doug, funaramma my man-the morning shot of the goat is so nice (check out the eyes) thanks again to our sponsor!
  12. way 2 go boys- arron and doug-o im grunting with jealousy....
  13. [TR] Graybeard - North Face 4/25/2009

    russ youre a mess"chopper sheared a tail rotor " im pissing myself with laughter. hello rose!!!
  14. yo dane,the credit card thing f's me every time im up in canook country too because now we have too alert the banks of international travel plans(excuse me mommy can i go to the potty!) such horsesh#t-anyhow AWESOME repo gr8 pics.thank for making me relize im not the only agro lad about this. ALSO WHY NOT MOM AND DAUGHTER!!!
  15. What type of climber are you?

  16. bd shadow,icesac,or arc-teryx nozone are preferred size large if you have something to rid of in fair shape please let me know .thanks
  17. Trip: little-wet,B.C. - the ones everbody do: Date: 2/20/2009 Trip Report: Left friday morning w/good company and intent to climb what we could find minus a guidebook and only genral knowledge of the area.mid day found us anxious from the early departure and ready to get out of the car-we did just that and and climbed the I.C.B.C waterfall in marbles canyon WI3/4. Saturday morning another early start enshured a long day of excitement as we started off with climbing the honeymoon falls WI3+ in 2 full 60m stretchers climbers rt of the big water gusher rusher it was cool and loud and misty (VIDEO DOUG?) a quick 2 rapells and walk out to the car,some lunchy time,and off we were to visit the loose lady we made light work of the easy lower tears only to be supressed by the enormous final piller and opted for the very bony M3/4R left finish and called it a day! sunday we finshed up the trip with rambles center WI4 and drove home. thanks fellas for a fun wknd and good climbing- FLATNOSE(got youre wallet?) CBCBD(thats just a repeat!) lalala!!!good times-doug any pics?
  18. sil shelters- nighthaven v betalight (v others?)

    used the beta light for hundreds of nights out very good all season shelter if pitched/anchoerd well(guy out points on the sides) might want to give a peak at the integral designs sil shelter a bit smaller flr space and lower profile yet adequite for a solo traveler-the mids have enough room for two and gear between the poles.. mids pack to nalgene size,ID sil shelter about the size of a orange also GOLITE gaer make some cool silly tarps-8x10 is perfect for one with gear and space to spare..
  19. Avalanche Burial

    i recieved info on this less than 24hrs afterward being that my dear freind is the 10t mountain hut system manager(which the eisman hut is part of) he recieved notice through a repo theyd filled out at that hut just prior to his arrival-he made the skin over to the genral location and from his 9 yrs active service and vast knowledge of that area he emphasized the sheer LUCK they had and quietly critisized the obvoius mistakes and sizable crownface! in a recent three week trip there i was lucky to recieve VIP access and experiance three of these beutifull locations that provide conmfortable living enviom and accessable backcountry stashes of grat snow-however given the remote nature of most the locations and the huge country there in,formal avy education,proper gear and experiance in lesser terrain prior to a trip like this is a MUST..
  20. stuart range anyone!

    several ideas in mind open to others pm if intrested..
  21. fuc the color blue-they'll fill out the paper work until there anxious grip from the stressfull day accidently squeezes the remaing cream from there half eaten choclate covered bizmark stains the report and the inevitable thoughts of completeing it is overwhelming for such a horseshit situation..
  22. nice trip and photos way to get after it looks like good climbing..
  23. Trip: Mt. Baker - Pan dome falls Date: 1/6/2009 Trip Report: D-tached flake and I spent the afternoon climbing this local climb with snow rapidly accumilating and COPIOUS amounts of spindrift accompining us. We broke the route into two pitches for the sake of both wanting to lead- apprx: 35m each. After excavating a small cave in a large snow deposit below the route climbers right(created by the white poo) I lead off on pitch one 3+ with thin ice shitty sugar and useless protection while being barraged by HEAVY S/D..after bringing up Dflake he then led better ice with acceptable pro- (gr4) and belayed me topside,a quick rap returned us to our 3/4 buried cave and hot drinks..fun day- no porn because it would have just been all white,HA!
  24. marko-those features are commonly referred to by southeren craggers as "eyebrows" a unique feature to this venue,possibly others- a sloper on the down side with a undercut pocet topside allowing TRICAMS to take priority on the rack as the work well in the active position.
  25. Washington PCT

    ON FOOT FOOL! but ive always wondered if the tires were vibram could we then "SHRED"!