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  1. Anacortes/Mount Erie weekly

  2. Anyone need a partner?

    Josh, I just moved to Anacortes. If you want to climb at erie let me know.
  3. Do you live in the Anacortes area? I live in Anacortes and would like to climb.
  4. Anacortes/Mount Erie weekly

    Josh, check you PM
  5. Anacortes/Mount Erie weekly

    Hi Climbing partner wanted for 1-4 x/wk in Anacortes/Mt Erie. Just moved back to area. Out of shape (not for long I hope), but with alot of technical alpine/trad/ice experience in the Cascades and elsewhere. Looking for regular climbing partner for 1-4 days per week early AM or evening. I don't care what grade you climb or how much experience. Send me a post if your are interested. Thanks