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  1. even lighter still... elderid loopo @ 190g http://edelridna.com/e/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29804 loopo light @ 105g http://edelridna.com/e/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29806 i think this is where the sketch factor might start to creep in...
  2. nice! thanks for the cliff notes Dane.
  3. Can't seem to edit intial posts so here's an update: Kayland MXT's: SOLD Scarpa Spectro's: NEW PRICE, $35 p/u or buyer pays shipping Cycling Jersey's and Shorts: SOLD Kayland Apex XT's: Available but inquiries pending OP Biners: SOLD Women's PreCip: Available PM if interested in remaining items.
  4. MSR Hubba Hubba HP. Super light (under 4#), roomy for two, dual doors & vestibules, waterproof fly, easy to set up, can find online for under $400 but for a car camper? check out STP, Backcountry's Outlet ect...you'll find something suitable for well under half your budget
  5. Climb High has the Mammut Mosquito on sale for a pretty good deal. Guy in my office loves it for his kiddos. http://www.climbhighoutlet.com/mammut-moskito-childrens-harness
  6. I'll second jon. Muir. Jaunt up Adam's South Spur. Also, spend a weekend on Baker's north side and get a feel for complex glacier travel if you already haven't.
  7. No probs! You could take a 3-day skills and summit course with AAI or the likes. I would be cheaper than anything on Rainier. Or maybe just their 3-day skills course and summit yourself. If you have a week I think that would be very rewarding. Adams' south route is a great way to get up high without too much investment but I think you'd appreciate what Baker has to offer in prep for Rainier.
  8. Climb Baker than. South Spur up Adam's wont get you any glacial experience which you'll appreciate for Rainier. Unless you've already been up Baker.
  9. Look up Dane. Pretty sure he'll end up being cheaper and prob do a more thorough job. He has his own shop. Makes picks, sharpens, mods picks, sharpens screws 'pons, ect. Charges an hourly shop rate that ends up being more economical and he's versed with ice gear.
  10. Hellz yeah J!! Kick-ass trip! Cody is all that and more. Too many good pics...gotta add some more...I'll have the vid up in the next day or two as well. Thanks again man...until next time! About sums up the entire trip: Smiles all around David coming somewhere along Mean Green Following Frieh being a badass David coming up the crux Sooooo nice
  11. http://www.komonews.com/news/local/84480982.html sad day sucks that after all those trips this one is where the mistake was made...
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated. I'll stick to the original plan with Master Cams. Bill - Looking forward to that review.
  13. some interest expressed in boots but items still up for grabs.
  14. Specs: http://www.trango.com/pdfs/CamSpecs.pdf They are the .5-4 Flex Cams
  15. http://www.trango.com/prod.php?id=101 Anybody use these? The cam lobes rotating in the same plane looks interesting. Looking to rack up some smaller SLCD's. Was going to go with Metolious Mastercams but a friend told me to take a looks these. I've yet to find somebody local so I can get a feel for them. I am told they have more flexible stems than the Mastercams and the trigger pull is smoother. Pros: Very narrow head. Strong for their size (8-9kN). *SUPPOSEDLY* can take resonable force with just a pair of the lobes engaged (aid climbing plus?) Cons: Anything you've experienced, heard or gather from the design/image? Troy
  16. sub-4oz harness is ridiculous. damn decent for glacier slogs. the standard Loopo looks quite slick at sub-7oz too.
  17. IE8 error currently in effect
  18. http://www.ems.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3665084 is what Petzl uses on their Nomic. from what i remember its just a 3M brand tape they peddle which you can get at Home Depot/Lowes. Dane can give a for sure on this.
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