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  1. Casting Call for MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS

    nobody's an extra for the money...i'm sure it'd be a memorable experience... however that true to life flick filmed on Whitehorse in the 80's...High Ice...I would have paid to have been in that thriller...
  2. [TR] Cody - Classics 2/5/2011

    kick ass J...nice photography as well (as always!)
  3. Rock Shoe Naming Contest

    Birkenmoc Bushwhack
  4. Congrats Mr. Frieh!!

    get at it J!
  5. [TR] Maui

    fantastic trip! what part of the island did you stay? got back from 2 weeks just before you went. amazing place although it totally killed the stoke for ice climbing i had...
  6. Helmet Camera - Anyone have one?

    GoPro Hero HD. OEM parts and accessories are cheap. Batt life is great. Footage quality is incredible. Tough as nails. Waterproofness kicks ass. Take mine climbing, hiking, snorkeling and even scuba diving. Plus can be bought at REI/Backcountry and falls under their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Had it for a year with no probs.
  7. Uhhhhhh.......

  8. ICBM or Cessna??

    [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysTDh6R9N8E mmmm...DOD Kool-Aid http://www.komonews.com/news/national/107058183.html
  9. For sale- tricams #0.5-2

    dyneema or standard?
  10. Film about K2

  11. BDry

    i've used the punishers here, hyalite and cody...stayed warm and dry other than sweat
  12. Joe Puryear...RIP

    sad day
  13. Excaliber

  14. nice weather and new snow may make for a good outing. anybody have a say on current conditions?
  15. Talk about exposure...

    360 degrees of 1700' straight down
  16. New Zealand, all expenses paid

    the only skill you're lacking is the technical ice/snow piece. 39, not some kid. in good shape. have more climbing experience than a "newbie". you obviously know glacier travel and rope systems. you're just looking to pay the way for a partner as long as they can do the bulk of the leading and impart skills along the way and end up being a climbing partner locally here after? you'll find somebody who will take you up on the offer...probably more than one. sounds like a helluva trip and a lot of fun...as long as the weather cooperates. i've heard it can be a wet cold hell. have fun and post a TR!!
  17. [TR] Le Petit Chaval - Spontaneity Arête 9/5/2010

    light beginning to go at 7:30? fawk...that time already... nice job out man! was on the list but will see...
  18. Where has summer gone?

    did it ever start?
  19. [TR] mt baker - seracs 8/29/2010

    awesome time out veronika and doug!! glad to have dodged the shark attack! stoked for the season although i have to admit...i'd still like to get some more time on warm rock before freezing my ass off the ice... gotta get out again soon!!