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  1. That just sucks. He sounds as if he was a remarkable person.
  2. Free Training from Aspirant Climbing Guides

    Ugh. I'm a relative newb, and in the Leavenworth area. I'm really sorry to have missed this. Hope it turned out to be a good and productive time for you all.
  3. Noob all the way here. Quick question.

    Thanks Rob, for the reply. I don't mind warm, as I have a tough time keeping warm as it is. But yes, a hardshell can certainly be "too much." I want versatility for layering, as well as cold/wind/moisture protection. I'm with you though, their stuff is hugely expensive so I'm always on the lookout on eBay. I just won't fork out $600 smackers for a jacket, even if I could. As it is, an Alph SV will still set you back a minimum of $300 to $400. Ouch. However, if people like it, and it's a great product that lasts, and is highly useful/versatile for alpine ascents, I'm considering it. Thanks again.
  4. Noob all the way here. Quick question.

    Greetings, I was guided to this site on another forum. It looks to be a great place. I'm wondering if any of you have experience with Arcteryx products. I have an Arcteryx ski parka I'm pretty well satisfied with, but I'm looking for a mountaineering oriented coat, and am interested specifically in their Alpha SV model. Anyone use it? What do you think? In what circumstances do you use it most or least? Thanks and great to find a new sandbox to play in. I (usually) play nice.