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  1. Reparations...Best economy boost we could imagine...ala David Chappelle
  2. http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/10/27/government-foils-skinhead-plot-assassinate-obama/ Always trusted...always fair...always balanced... Sometimes wrong...
  3. Damn....I was talking about this earlier today... I'm definitely more concerned over "domestics" than the "imported" kind of terrorists..
  4. I'll check my calender...might have some time..and would love to take advantage of again the "last" weekend with sun.
  5. I've been eyeballing a seat on that bench...Maybe I should send in an application..
  6. She did receive a phone-call from McCain, so she did get something out of it...and she's now a laughing stock...if that's worth anything..
  7. The second amendment is one of your freedoms, whether you exercise it or not. Twas in reference to your statement that since the government is run by liberals who want to leave criminals in the street you NEED your guns to protect your family, since nobody else is doing it right. I will keep and cherish my my freedoms, but find the open ended NRA ideology of what the 2nd amendment was written for is ludicris. State/City run militias were the idea...not any weapon for any person. Considering the one bastion of State-run militia, the "national guard" has been federalized, we have already lost the true sense of the 2nd amendment.
  8. I'm completely willing to give up more of my freedoms for the safety of Fairweather...
  9. lol.....Wow, she folded fast...guess they did a little "creative" interogation...Waterboard anyone? Oh man, just read some of the comments on the article..Now it seems she is a Democratic seed, who infiltrated the McCain campaign, and staged this scene just to make the McCain camp look bad... I LOVE the comments on FoxNews...I just pray they are not a accurate depiction of the citizens of our country...
  10. Probably, my ideas are usually second hand ideas...
  11. Guns don't kill people...bullets do... Why not raise the taxes on bullets to the point where it costs more to shoot someone, than you would gain in robbing someone.. and since you generally, unless you are a very poor shot, kill a deer/elk/bear/moose/goose, whatever with one shot, not multiple...I would venture to say a moose is worth a $50.00 bullet...just don't miss.
  12. Hopefully the Climbing Community can come together and agree to tone things down, and let nature get a footing again. Bouldering is definitely the most impactful to the soil, just gotta get those brahs to stay on trails and get some respect.
  13. Wow. She is a true Republican...Lie, get caught, and claim you forgot what really happened.
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