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  1. La Sportiva Lhotse (Size 42.5) for sale!!!

    Could you send me some pics?
  2. I'm trying to make the transition into alpine climbing. I'm looking for a partner in Western WA to go on semi-regular trips w/ as well as helping to teach some of the underlying skills. I've led sport rock climbing routes before. Currently I'm going on regular backpacking & snow shoeing trips. I'm quick to learn, determined, & have plenty of time as I only work half the month. Let me know if your interested & we can talk in person. flemmsquad@gmail.com (if you prefer)
  3. La Sportiva Lhotse (Size 42.5) for sale!!!

    Did you get them broken in before the one use? Or was that the only time you used them?
  4. FS: Arc'teryx---Alpha SV and Theta SK

    Interested in the jacket. Would you be able to meet up some where this week?