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  1. Lightly use Ice tool. green version. very grippy. I'm not using them. No problems $375 obo will consider trade for more alpine ice tools like vipers, cobras or quarks texting is best 2533343372 can send pictures
  2. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Any ice starting to build? Updates welcome.
  3. for sale Custom Bibler 2-door I-tent

    Numb for a great tent.
  4. WTB - petzl sum'tec adze

    Good points
  5. I am thinking of trading my green bd fusions for something more pure ice. I'm thinking vipers. Not the originals. Or Quark but not the old ones. Looking for straight trade, or trade and cash from you. Depending on what you have. Or pure cash. Ice tools in great shape. Used of course. But not abused. Have to sets of picks. One for ice and the thick ones for dry tooling mix. 253334337two Can text or email pictures.
  6. WTB - petzl sum'tec adze

    I use to want one of these. Now i want the petzl gully. Almost have the weight Of the sum tec. And $50 less. Just a thought.
  7. Trip: Mt Rainier - kautz Date: 6/27/2017 Trip Report: Kautz route in Really good shape. No ice. Easy route finding. Minimal cravasses. Boot path in place to help with navigation and steep snow. Crossed nisqually highier than expected. Turtle snow field steeper than expected. Approach to 10400ft camp longer than expected. 9hr to camp. Summit day snow was firm and beautiful. 6hrs camp to summit. Carried over and descended the dc. Gear Notes: Carried extra ice screws but they were not need. Approach Notes: Do more calf raise. Approach is steeper than to camp muir.
  8. Paradise to Camp Muir

    I have summited 6 times. I am in good shape. I always take 5hrs to muir on a summit climb. I can go faster but for me there is no advantage. I would leave earlier than 11 if it was me. Good luck. By the way 60min to muir is a crazy fast time. I can't go down from muir that fast with my average lung capacity.
  9. Conditions on Emmons route?

    Any updates on conditions ?
  10. 2012 / 13 Washington Ice Conditions

    Thanks for posting conditions in LW hairball
  11. ice, snow, rock. saturday

    Im down sending PM
  12. ice saturday or monday

    Looking to head to leavenworth. have gear and car pm me if you must. call or texted 2533343372
  13. 2012 / 13 Washington Ice Conditions

    Are name like Candlestein-Careno and black powder referencng rock routes. i haven't seen those in the ice guide. where are they?
  14. Top-roping...new to vertical ice.

    The best thing is get the washington ice guide. REI has it and the libary does too. The place that i went to learn was banks lake. Peewee area has some stuff you can bush wack to the top of and TR. Plus you can lead devils punch bowl easy WI2. Then once at the top set up a TR to the left on wi4. Good luck Try to find someone to bring you who knows what they are doing.
  15. 2012 / 13 Washington Ice Conditions

    Up at snoqualmies chock stone today. ice at the bottom peeling off under weight. huge chunks. not safe. after the first 10 ft ice step, which is much smaller now, there is steep snow. there was no ice for screaws on snow slope. not enough snow for a picket and half the time punching through to running water. I quickly found some small trees and rapped off. not ready for climbing yet. to much running water. someone could try skip the first pitch by hiking further around to the left and then traversing over. maybe just an idea. good luck finding ice
  16. 2012 / 13 Washington Ice Conditions

    Is it hopeful thinking to think something might be in out in leavenworth or vantage. what do u guys think is the best bet for ice later thid week?
  17. Boot almost new size 12 k2 electra board ride binding. nice 210 obo evan 2533343372
  18. Used but lots of life left. asking. 250 can get pics 253 3343372 evan
  19. Would like to climb some cool stuff in the eastern alps of germany. any ideas i will be near munick
  20. Thanks pm'ed him and read his posts. thanks for the tip
  21. source lake ice update

    I was up at source lake and figured i'd start a ice update. well it is still early and there is more ice in my auto defrost freezer. water is running all over and very limited ice anywhere. Got a good look at flow reversal. some thin white ice up high. zero ice down low.
  22. Trip: mt rainier - dc & winthrop/emmons info Date: 8/11/2012 Trip Report: DC is perfect. You only stay on the clever for the first quarter of the way up it, then move left on to snow. Passed that the route is very direct. Not a lot of wondering around. Some cravases, but less than last year. A few snow crossing that seemed fine. No latter bridges yet. Talked to a team that came up emmonds/winthrop. They said it was strait forward and boot packed. They also said the emmons looked rough and the route was on the winthrop, and that the snow bridges where fine now but wouldn't be for long.
  23. Adams/Hood/St. Helens ~6/2-6/6?

    Are you planning to ski ar post hole. i am head for adams tomorrow or wednesday.
  24. cystal mountain ski tickets

    I earned 5 ski voutures. they have no black outs and include the gondola. cost 73 plus tax. asking 55 each or 250 for all. 2533343372