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  1. vantage beta for oldtimer (with new rug rats)?

    Hi Matt, Vantage can be pretty fun with kids. I haven't been out there in a year but I doubt things have changed. Camping: -The Feathers area is all I can confirm. I believe Echo basin is a different land agency. -There is vault toilet in the main parking lot. -I assume the burn ban has been lifted but I would check on that. Climbing: -The Feathers are a great place to start. There are some newish very easy routes in the NW side, these can be lead or TR and you can walk up if that makes things easier. Most the stuff on Sunshine wall is probably what you remember. River view area has some nice easy routes and is a little less hectic. Biking: -I always wanted to find some good mountain biking out there, but have not. A lot of the roads that you look at from Google Earth look good but are pretty rocky and have long streaches of sand. All of which are extra sucky with 16 and 20 inch wheels. My Kid has always had a great time out there, climbing, scrambling around or just playing in the rocks. By the way I think I know you from what feels like a million years ago. Mutual friend, Frank Olding? Have fun, Kris Thomas