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  1. I'm looking to take the sharp end of the rope for the first time this Saturday (really excited and anxious at the same time)! Can anyone offer a recommended route that would be good (straightforward gear placements and climbing that isn't strenuous)? I've been looking at Mountaineer's Buttress (some people call it Icicle Buttress) in Leavenworth but was thinking that it would be good to start with a one pitch lead and I'm not sure it's good etiquite to set up a top rope on the first pitch of a multipitch climb. Anyway, any recommendations are welcome. Thanks!
  2. FS: Patagonia Ready Mix Jacket

    How old is it? Could you post a couple pics? I'm definitely interested in not shelling out the extra cash for the new Ascentionist and this jacket is lighter to boot.
  3. I am definitely a newbie, but I took a six day course on alpine climbing through American Alpine Institute. We summitted Baker on the dog route (Emmons I believe) but I heard about a route on the north side that has one or two pitches of 60 degree ice. I am interested in giving it a shot and feel confident that I can be fresh enough on my skills by then (the course was over the summer). I am looking for a more experienced climbing partner (or several) who would enjoy the chance to go out and have some fun as well as share their wisdom and love of the mountains. I work in Virginia, but I will be in the Seattle area for Thanksgiving. I would like to meet anyone who is interested (and you probably want to meet me too) over that time. Let me know if you're interested or if you have a climb planned that is of similar nature and you wouldn't mind having an extra along. Thanks for considering.
  4. Baker: late Dec to early Jan

    Thanks so much for the helpful insight and suggestions! As you might imagine, I'm not trying to end up dead so thanks for helping me out. Castle Peak sounds like it could be a good choice, or Easton on Baker since I've been on that route. Thanks again!
  5. Baker: late Dec to early Jan

    I am conscious of the fact that there are issues about winter alpinism that I do not understand and probably a vast skill set that I have yet to master. If this is a bad place or way to learn those skills, then please let me know. I thought it would be a way to get experience on a different type of route and also in very different conditions. I know there are skills I need to learn, but there is only so much you can learn without doing.
  6. Newbie Question: Rope Systems

    I am looking at doing some more technical climbs than I have done before and trying out more ice routes. I have only used a single rope system but read that double and twin systems are more versatile. I am interested in setting them up in a controlled environment but am having trouble finding detailed information on the setup. Is there a resource that is particularly good for this? Thanks for your help or suggestions.