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  1. Marmot Mountain Works in Bellevue rents expedition gear and they know their stuff. Check them out.
  2. Selling a pack I dont use or need. Here is a link to it on craigslist. $10 off for CC members http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/spo/3642771223.html
  3. Cleaning out my excess gear. With AT gear I dont use these ever. Never been taken into the backcountry, just tried out in the yard last year when it snowed Inexpensive way to turn your alpine setup into BC machines for $75.00
  4. Describe it and I will get it back to you.
  5. bump, make me an offer! I thought 100 was fair but let me know.
  6. bump, I put on come technica powerstraps,
  7. they are too big for me. Super roomy. But I lean toward an 11-11.5. But theses are not even close.
  8. 85 dollars or best offer, scavenged some technica powerstraps, they are in great shape, they just don't fit me the Matrix is designed to respond to ski mountaineers demanding both uphill and downhill performance. The boot is a traditional low shell, three-clip design but responding to recent fashions in the alpine boot market it is moulded in translucent Peebax®. The color is described as cedar, a kind of pleasant dull orange. The boot is compatible with the Dynafit binding system, increasing the range of boots available. The boot can also be used, and was tested, with standard touring bindings. However the Scarpa Vibram® makes it unsuitable for use in standard alpine bindings. The shell offers a forward lean angle adjustable between 18 and 24 via an hex key at the rear of the boot. A moving indicator at the back of the boot shows the amount of lean that has been dialled in, so you can make sure that both boots are adjusted symmetrically. BSL 348
  9. Avalanche Beacon Question

    So I am getting into more backcountry travel and I have signed up for some classes but need to purchase a beacon. There are so many on the market I was hoping for some recommendations.
  10. Selling my back up pair of snow shoes. These stayed in the garage all last year so I am going to let them go. Great snow shoe. Features include: Traction System(Heel and foot cleats.)Harness System(spring loaded and secure binding)Tig welded aluminium frame hypalon decking Upto 275lb weight limit.
  11. These are in great shape, I just find my foot is too floaty in the shell. I am located in the Kirkland area. Need gas money to get up the pass!