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  1. here's a (not thee)difference: The roots of the stump stabilize the soil and allow for nitrogen fixing bacteria to exist. Removing or disturbing this speeds up the process of erosion and the topsoil ends up in the Skykomish, or whereever. If you feel you absolutely have to do it, use a handsaw and saw off the stump as close to flush with the ground as possible. If you have to use a chain saw, then it's too big and you should leave it as is and work around it with creative pad placement and spotting as others have stated above.
  2. I'm interested. Check your PM's. thanks
  3. what crag are you developing? I'm psyched to explore new crags this season.
  4. how about "the Larix" after our native conifer or "The verde" when do i get the shoes?
  5. Great post! very thoughtful. I think you are right on with the 'selling yourself' stuff. Lots of pro guides have their own websites, much like musicians.
  6. Kudos to that belayer and his fine technique.
  7. toproper

    Dino Rossi

    Rossi is Chossy don't vote for him
  8. Is there really a 3 pitch route at exit 38?? Seems like the 2 pitch routes are just barely 2 pitches.
  9. how about a "pay to poo" set up? Seriously, with a dollar per dump we could generate some income!! Huge thanks to all involved. This is great news for climbers current and future.
  10. PM sent, i have an uneexpected day off tomorrow!!
  11. thank you for that very cool report. the stuart range is the bomb. looks like you guys were moving really fast over those 2 days. Kudos!
  12. wow, he's a professional writer? No wonder he routinely shreds most of you guys with his posts!!
  13. which routes do you recommend for soloing? It seems to me that as a soloist you would want to avoid the trade routes Emmonds and DC (unless possibly doing them in winter). Are there routes better suited for solo climbs?
  14. Wow, amazing life. Seems like he deserves a cascades peak named in his honor.
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