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  1. Could you access the bypass and skip the lower butt?
  2. I am new to all this and have no clue how to post pics, thanks guys. That is the "Glacier" on 8/8/08. Much slid that day as early as 0600. I would venture to guess it is considerably smaller but definatley moving. Factor this into your plans. I was captain of my High School Russian Roulette team so felt the odds were favorable that morning. Chum did it 48 hours later and as he said it was still raining ice. Wear a helmet and run fast.
  3. 7/8/08 the pocket ice chunk is big and moving, it released several times during the climb. Best to do the full butt. We crossed at 4 AM from prop cairn and once on the butt toe were safe from ice fall. The gate is still locked at C. Lake Road putting the hike out at about 5 miles from the descent junction w/ the road.