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  1. The scarpa's appear new but the liners have been molded. There is some residue from a price tag on the sole so I figure they were molded but never worn outside. I got them from a friend who's coworker bought them for a Rainier trip but didn't end up using them and has since renounced climbing. The millet's are mine and have had some use, the soles still look great and the boots have no known issues. They come with a set of blue archmold insoles, which might be a little too high volume for the boots, but worked ok for me. These boots are not the millet radikal lite, they are the step in compatible slightly heavier version, as seen here: millet radikal $125 for the scarpa's (size 11) and $100 for the millet's (size 10). PM for pics, questions, or offers. I am in Seattle and available to deliver to reasonable locations. Thanks, John
  2. We found your machete up near buck creek pass next to the remains of your shelter, we also found your sleeping bag. We brought out the machete but left the sleeping bag on the trail it was just too heavy being soaking wet. It is probably still there. I already gave the machete away, but could possibly get it back if you have a compelling story, I really want to know what you were doing. Hope you made it out ok.
  3. Deadliest Mountains in US?

    I don't know about the u.s. but it is likely that the deadliest mountain in the world would be Mount Suribachi and it's only 554 ft high.
  4. found your uw rock guide

    I have your uw rock guide that you left at the uw rock, let me know if you want it back.
  5. Special Rap Rings?

    have you thought about a single link of alloy chain? like this: http://www.starrrproducts.com/index.php?action=item&id=8 No idea what a single link weighs, but it comes in many different inside diameters, so it could be sized appropriately for different ropes, and probably cheaper than rap rings.
  6. Tumwater canyon climbs

    just keep going, If I remember correctly there is a slight down climb about five to ten minutes past retardant rock then you keep skirting the cliff and work your way back up a little higher to get to arse lips and elbows, it's not really worth the walk up there, very short and easy squeeze chimney not really off width but fun. But it is obvious once you have passed it and are looking back. A better bet for training is carnival crack.
  7. crevasse practice

    Where is a good place with some open crevasses, maybe near seattle, that doesn't require hours of hiking, where one could dispose of a body, or, practice something or another?
  8. *Updated* Wanting to Trade: Shotgun for ?

    It is totally legal, the stipulations of the National Firearms act provide that for a firearm to be classified as a short barreled shotgun it must have an overall length less than 26" and/or a barrel length of less than 18". This particular device has a overall length of 27" and a barrel length of a little over 18" measured from the face of the bolt while locked forward with an empty chamber. It hasn't been modified in any fashion.
  9. Due to a lack of interest in my original offer, I have decided to sweeten the deal. For the lucky person that happens to trade with me, I am going to include with the shotgun not only the ammunition but also... A zebra print shoulder strap. Zebra print webbing with pink powder coated hardware! Furthermore, I am now willing to consider any and all trades for climbing specific hardware. I would still prefer to get some tools, but as mentioned, all trades will be considered. So, if you want a cool little shotgun and have some hardware that you think is of equal value email me. And feel free to email with any other questions. Thanks. The original ad is below. I have an old Mossberg 500e .410 that I would love to trade for a pair of tools. It has a pistol grip stock and it is 27" long. Perfect for pest, small game, the occasional (smaller) home invader, and those soon to be frightening trips to the soup line/unemployment office. A useful piece of equipment for anyone that intends to weather the economic collapse. It is about twenty years old maybe a little more, worn, and functional. I will even throw in a couple boxes of OOO buck and some bird shot to get you started. As for the tools, I am interested in just about anything. If interested send an email to: johnmumbles at gmail dot com I am located in Seattle and I can furnish further pictures via email upon request.