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  1. [TR] Mount Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 7/17/2015

    Great weekend for it, huh? How was the weather for you on Sunday morning for the summit? I wasn't expecting the cloud cover on Saturday morning but at least we still had some views...and it did keep us cool on the way down. It was sure getting hot by the time we got back to the car. I too noticed some inconsistencies with the labeling of The Hourglass and Fisher Chimney between the maps and info I found online.
  2. We're looking for some route conditions for Fisher Chimneys. Anyone been up there recently? We're thinking about making a trip up there this weekend...I imagine is it pretty bare right now? Any info on the Chimneys, Hell's Highway, and the gully of the summit pyramid would be appreciated. We climbed it mid-August a couple years ago via the Sulphide, we we're looking forward to trying out the Chimneys. Also we had zero views last time because of weather so this weekend should be much better!
  3. Shuksan (Fisher Chimneys) conditions?

    Thanks, makes sense now. Forgot to ask...is there any running water above the chimneys?
  4. Shuksan (Fisher Chimneys) conditions?

    Great! Thanks! Even though it was a couple weeks ago it at least give me a gauge for what the conditions are. Sounds like it should be pretty good...we'll see how those crevasses look. Good to know the gully is snow free, I heard it can get hairy when there is still snow left over. Last time we were up there the gully was bare and the ascent/descent was not bad at all (besides the obvious loose rock). We'll be heading up to camp at Winnies Slide on Friday, so maybe we'll beat the crowds. Last time up Shuksan we did it all in one day, so it will be nice to take our time and enjoy the views this go around. I didn't follow you here...can you explain? Did you take a different route down? Excellent pictures, btw! I'm excited to actually use my camera on this trip...last time we were in the clouds all day.
  5. Cold Springs access on Adams?

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like the road should be mostly clear by now. Will call the ranger to see current conditions. The road conditions website still list the road up to Cold Springs (NF 8040) as closed, but that was last updated in February.
  6. Cold Springs access on Adams?

    Any updates on Cold Springs access? Thinking about making a trip up the south route mid April. Sounds like it should be driveable, pending if the gates are open or not. I'll make a call to the ranger in a couple weeks, but just wanted to see if there has been any new developments since the last post.
  7. I had a Mountain Hardwear G50 softshell jacket for the last few years and it was my go-to everyday jacket for fall thru spring. It has the conduit membrane so it always kept me dry. Anyways, I haven't worn it since the beginning of summer and I must have left it somewhere because I can't find it anywhere! Looks like I need a replacement. Hoping to find something comparable since they don't make the G50 anymore. Any suggestions?
  8. Lost my MH G50 softshell jacket...replacement?

    Rub it in, why don't you!
  9. I was up on Little T yesterday and the route looks to be as direct as it gets. I'll pull some pictures off my camera tonight so you can see the route from a different perspective...should be a nice addition to mthorman's GPS data. When are you heading up? Lots of parties heading up yesterday. It was pretty cool seeing the cleaver lit up like a Christmas tree while we were crossing the lower Ingraham Glacier at 3am
  10. Little Si climbing accident

    I heard on the radio this morning that the climber wasn't wearing a brain bucket, but I couldn't find anything online to back that up. If he wasn't, he's damn lucky. Here is the article about the teen who died near Pilchuck this weekend
  11. I just went through the application for life insurance and, IIRC, I was asked if I did any extreme sports. I said I am into mountaineering, but I wouldn't call it extreme (he brought up activities like SCUBA or sky diving). He didn't seem to make a big deal about it. I was more concerned that by me having a motorcycle endorsement that that would increase my rate. After I was approved I met with the guy again and he said I got the preferred rate and there was no mention of additional costs for anything else. I asked about the motorcycle stuff, and he basically said that as long as I'm not doing anything professionally (or semi-pro?) at the time of signing up (e.g. racing motorcycles), then there isn't any problem. The only time restriction he mentioned was that I have to wait at least two years before I commit suicide. I'll keep that in mind. So from what I understand, at least from my meeting with the agent, is that I'm free and clear to do anything I want, without having to worry about my policy not holding up. I could go and become a mountain guide without issues, since I was not one (or never was one before) at the time of signing up.
  12. We managed to get a couple permits for St. Helens for the beginning of July. Thought it might be fun to Adams while we are down that direction. We are coming from the Seattle area, so my question is: If you were to climb St.Helens and Adams, which driving route would you take to get there and which would you climb first? I've been to Cold Spring CG, and we took the route from the north side through Randle. What I don't know about is the route between the climbs, Forest Road 90. Seems to be a well-traveled road. I'm thinking maybe do Adams first, coming down through Randle, then heading over to Helens via FS90, and then back up I5? Any advice would be appreciated! Regardless of what route we choose, it is going to be a lot of driving!
  13. St. Helens & Adams Travel Recommendations

    Thanks for the info. This won't be until the beginning of July so I'm sure we'll have a little more road to work with.
  14. I have a Columbia 3-in-1 (interchangeable) Ice Dragon jacket for sale. Size Large, color blue. I bought this jacket years ago but barely used it because it ended up being a bit too big for me. I have: -Ice Dragon Shell. Omni tech waterproof, seam sealed, water proof zippers. Removable hood, powder skirt. Like new. -Fleece vest. Like new. Bought this as an add-on for warmer weather skiing, but never used it. -Fleece full-zip jacket 1. I wore this by itself a lot more. Signs of wear, but in great shape. -Fleece full-zip jacket 2. Same as the other fleece. Signs of wear...good shape. A really nice jacket and interchangeable fleece insulating layers...I would totally keep it if it fit me better. Photo Album Looking for $150 for everything. I am located in Renton but travel up the east side every day...but I will consider shipping. Let me know if you are interested.
  15. I have a BRAND NEW Neoair Xtherm up for sale. I ordered two, one for me and one for a friend, but then he decided he didn't want it. Too late to return, so here it is! Brand new, still in the plastic. Size regular. Retails for $189+tax. Yours for $165 + Free 2-day shipping! Paypal preferred...PM me if you are interested! http://www.rei.com/product/829850/therm-a-rest-neoair-xtherm-sleeping-pad
  16. I have an extra NeoAir Xtherm that my buddy ended up not wanting. Brand new still in original packaging. Size: Regular. Missed my return window to the store so my loss is your gain. I would keep it but I already have one! http://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/spo/4266912165.html Let me know if you are interested. Looking for $180 OBO. If you are interested in me shipping it, let me know and we can work something out. Thanks!
  17. Brand new, never used. $80 http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/3999844924.html
  18. FS: Julbo Explorer Glacier Glasses

    Bump! Free shipping!
  19. Trip: Mt. Shuksan - Sulphide Glacier Date: 8/18/2013 Trip Report: After some car-2-car suggestions from you guys here at CC (thanks!), the two of us decided to head up Shuksan. Planned on Saturday, but the weather forecast pegged Sunday as the better day so we postponed a day. Left Seattle on Saturday and made it to the Shannon Ridge trail head at around 8p. Almost full parking lot. Partly cloudy, but soon turned clear with the moon bright in the sky. Organized some gear and were in the tent by the car at around 9p. Woke up at 2:30a and took our time getting ready. Overcast now. After some hot breakfast and coffee, we were on the trail by 3:45a. Shortly into the approach, it began to sprinkle on us. Great. The already dewy vegetation made for a soggy approach to the notch. Visibility was also low. The approach from the car up to the notch was easy, with no problems following the route. We made good time, getting onto the glacier at about 6:00a. Filtered some water and strapped on the crampons. Since the visibility was low, we relied on the GPS and following along the west side of the glacier. Wasn't too bad. A few crevasses but nothing we couldn't navigate. Still drizzly and a light wind. We went unroped the entire glacier. We made it to the base of the Summit Pyramid at around 9:00a. It was finally getting light out and the rain was letting up. Still foggy, though a couple times the fog gave us a window to the snow-free gully and the scramble up the top. Two other parties were on their way up (roped), and one party was just getting back down. We stashed our crampons and trekking poles and started the scramble. We put our harness on, just in case we needed them. Didn't anticipate it, though. Our route up the gully was basically just find the path of least resistance and avoiding being underneath the parties above. Didn't want to get in their way either. They stayed mostly to the climber's left, and we managed to stay to the right. The scramble up the gully was a blast! Holds were plentiful and solid. Not a lot of exposure; I'd rate it a class 3 (some people maybe a low class 4). We hit the summit at 10:00a. Nothing to see up there, unfortunately. After a quick bite, we made our way back down. We planned to rappel since we brought a rope. Why not? Started down-climbing and found it to be fast and easy, so we didn't stop at any of the rappel stations. The scramble down was just as fun as going up! Back on the glacier, we made our way back down. A couple of breaks in the fog gave us a view of the glacier, so we could see a more direct line down. Still some navigating through. We made it back to the car at 2:15p. 10hrs 30min car2car. Probably could have shaved an hour off if it wasn't for the low visibility and having to navigate the glacier. Still, I was happy with our time. Total mileage according to the GPS data was 15 miles round trip. Even with the crappy weather and low visibility, we had a great time! We will definitely be back when we can actually get a look at the scenery! Sorry, no pictures, but here is some GPS data: Download .gpx data! Gear Notes: We brought along a minimal glacier rack and a 30 meter glacier rope. Neither were used. The ice axes stayed on the packs all day, too. -Crampons -Helmet -Trekking Poles Approach Notes: Soggy. But no route finding issues.
  20. Was planning on heading up to Sahale this Saturday, but road closures changed that plan. Can anyone recommend something similar to Sahale (class 3-4 at the most) that can be done in a full day? We were planning on getting the drive out of the way on Friday after work so we would have a good start and pretty much all day to complete the climb. We haven't ventured up into the N. Cascades except for Baker, so here I am
  21. Plan for Sahale is out...what else?

    Great! Thanks for the beta...Should be a good time!
  22. Plan for Sahale is out...what else?

    Isn't a backcountry permit only required for camping within the nat'l park? Or is it some sort of day use wilderness permit? So many passes/permits...all I have is my NW forest pass and figured that would be good for me at the parking lot.
  23. Plan for Sahale is out...what else?

    Yeah you're right, better safe than sorry.
  24. Plan for Sahale is out...what else?

    Well, with all this talk about the summit pyramid, I think we'll just leave the rope and glacier gear at home and go super-light. I'm not really concerned about running the glacier unroped this time of year.