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  1. Stolen gear - Central OR

    I recently had my rack stolen from my garage in Bend - those of you around Smith, please help me keep an eye and ear out for anyone talking about or trying to sell trad gear. I've been watching craigslist, but haven't found it there. I had a red Metolius gear sling, mostly Metolius cams, BD 2,3 &4,6 Metolius draws, Petzl harness w/ Black Marmot chalk bag (or camo Metlolius bag), etc. Any help I get will be rewarded. Thanks!
  2. Fit enough?

    Make sure your pack is fitted properly - I suffered for years with a pack that was too big, and it killed my hips even with moderate loads. Since then, I got a better-fitting pack, and my hips don't bother me anymore, even with bigger loads. Quads, different story... but you're already getting good training advice.
  3. Not sure about WA, but there is a rando race at Bachelor in May - "King and Queen of the Cone."
  4. Pictures of Whippers

    So Stewart, How'd your presentation go? Get the pic you needed?
  5. I'd have to disagree with Alex - I tried to learn how to ski in the backcountry for a few seasons, and I still sucked major ass until I started putting in some lift-served days. In my experience, you just can't hit your groove when you're only getting a few runs, an hour apart. For the past few years, I've been paying by the ride whenever I go to the resort (which isn't very often) - much cheaper that way, since I only get 4 or 5 runs anyway. I don't know how many resorts offer passes for X number of rides, but look into it. Also, multiple sets of skins?? I've never known anyone who needed more than one, even on 10-day hut trips. Maybe if you're snow camping, but those shits are expen$ive. Pull 'em apart, hang 'em, dry 'em. And keep 'em out of puddles.
  6. Trip: Paulina Falls - Date: 12/22/2008 Trip Report: Paulina Falls is not in - I think the inversion killed it. Looks like there was more ice, but a lot of it fell down. Hope this saves someone a trip.
  7. I think we ran into you guys in the Cirque - we were the OR crew. Did the South Buttress twice, and scrambled Overhanging Tower in light rain. My buddies also did the E. Ridge of Wolf's Head and the NE Face of Pingora. Nice pics - my camera crapped out at the Trailhead. Gotta get one of those Packrafts!
  8. Can't really recommend the East Buttress, but I survived it. We even did the "not recommended" variation "back into the rotten gully" according to OR High. There was about a 30 foot section of good rock as you gain the Buttress proper. Everything else was loose - we were there late season, and the starting gully was bare. "Loose" doesn't do it justice. As I was following the first pitch, I kicked a microwave-sized rock down onto the exact spot I had been belaying from. We weren't sure how much good the rope would have done either of us, other than relegating us both to the same fate. Saw a lot of bail gear, including a Stopper that had fallen out of the rock. A couple of my friends did the route this year, and said they had fun, although I didn't get the full report.