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  1. Egads! What's happened to the 'unreal' photo? I love this TR and me want stoke back!
  2. nice shots of the Aussie Couloir on Joffre there, makes me want to dig the planks out of the garage!
  3. [TR] Paranoia Bike Ride at Night - 4/2/2010

    Dude, what the hell does any of this mean? Why did he need "bailing out of Canada"? How were you going to do this on a bike? Why in the middle of the night? Where were you? Where's Lake Rothlisberger? How is a lake assaulting young women in the back of the ladies' room? Why did you never get to Canada? Why does your class start so early? Why did that guy pass you and not pick you up? Is it because you tell stories in the car that make no sense? Why am I writing this? What the hell are those pictures of? Anything? Do I see a random red thing in one? What is it? A bird? A plane? Mark in Canada? .... wait a minute... think I figured it out... so the Canada thing was just to explain why you had to figure all this out really late (although I'm still confused), and the biking in the middle of the night was because it was your only way to get to the class from wherever you live (or were)? ... that was really hard... anyway, glad you made it!
  4. [TR] Mt Hood - Reid Headwall 2/18/2010

    also, it looks like you are indeed using the rope in that last photo... looks like I'd want it on in that spot too!
  5. Nice work fellas! Thats' a pretty quality line for your first multi... hope you're not disappointed with what comes after! Marc, looks like your partner is hauling a second line that's just laying flaked below him - in case you guys needed to bail? I've never done this, works alright?
  6. [TR] Squamish - Split Beaver 1/17/2010

    There's some fantastic 5.8 (sandbag) grovelling to be had on the North North Arete... headed up there with nothing bigger than a #3, and thought we must've been off-route, but another party brought their 4.5 along for that pitch... 10m ish totally pro-less, and I'm skinnier than Marc by the looks of things, and my thigh was too small to jam - slipped right through... brutal. Left me a sweaty, exhausted, lacerated shuddering heap at the top. Nice pics photog!
  7. [TR] Squamish various - several 1/20/2010

    You're in luck when you return then; there are now 3 (sort of) IPAs at the Brew Pub... Devil's Elbow India Pale Ale, named after a grade 4 rapid on the Elaho Total Eclipse of the Hop; Imperial IPA - haven't had this one yet. 8%, and limited time, part of their John Mitchell series, apparently. And the sort of... Pumpkin Eater Imperial Pumpkin Ale - also 8%, also limited, apparently also John Mitchell series, but this one's a yearly deal, and it's goooood. Come on back to town sometime!
  8. Gear Closets...Lets see em

    crikey! Forget about the 15 cam hooks, why 10 nut tools, 5 or 6 identical?? and all the belay devices? Thanks Bill! can't wait to show these to my wife, that'll shut her up!
  9. hope you didn't rush in breaking that record... seems like a pretty ok place to hang around and spend some time in
  10. "Aside from injuries to his leg, Edington suffered a partially collapsed lung and a ruptured disc in his back, but he plans to make a full recovery." wow, so this is how medicine works these days? "Well son, you've had a nasty fall. How much recovery do you feel like having? Just tell the nurse, she'll write it up on your chart there."
  11. Nice work Marc. The video of Matt and Steve on the net is awesome - Matt showed it at a filmfest night last year: check this out too on Matt's blog: http://climblife.blogspot.com/2007/08/bugaboo-link-up-record.html
  12. [TR] Mt. Shuksan - Danger on the North Face 5/3/2009

    Tough decision to make at times - do I make damn sure this thing goes while I can hopefully stay above it? Or do I eeeeaaasssee my way down with soft, smooth turns to try and avoid releasing the slab onto myself, or a party that may be below? Looks like a pretty small slide, and above the cliffs, so presumably the danger was greater to you than a party below. (and because you had a late start, I'm guessing you figured/hoped noone was ascending below you, and after waiting for your weather window knew noone was descending? and the cliffs were off route anyway?)
  13. Zero Bolt Climbing Crag

    Hey Checat, perhaps in the meantime, while all the guidebook stuff is yet to happen, how 'bout a small, nice, wooden sign where the trail meets the crag with a short notice as to the preferred ethic and a friendly request to adhere to it? Happy climbing...
  14. Zero Bolt Climbing Crag

    excellent! :tup: This is a great point