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  1. Advice for a trip to Camp Schurmen

    Thanks for the replies. Does that trail across the Prow come up from Camp Curtis or does it follow the main route across the inter glacier then fork off climbers right to avoid the Emmons? If it looks sketch I'll turn back.
  2. First post here. I hiked up to Camp Muir last weekend after spending a few weeks working near Keystone in Colorado. It was fun enough that I thought I'd try the other side of Rainier. I do a lot of work at or near ski areas spending a lot of time over 12K hiking all over for my job. But, in the Cascades I generally keep below 7K feet. I want to go to Schurmen next weekend. I have the equipment but not much glacier experience. I'm not a stranger to NW scrambles, but I want to be smart about this. What should I expect? Should I not do this trip? I'm good with a compass, route finding, and probably won't get too surprised by rain/sleet/snow. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. shell pants question

    Yeah probably not all that often I'll glisade down but the Adams climb I want to do this summer will have some opportunity for it. Generally, when the weather isn't great I have been scrambling in a pretty good jacket shell iand some old North Face hiking pants for sitting around on the summit. The pants don't provide any decent water repelency, so I'll likely go the Marmot precip or the cloudveil zorro pant route. Maybe I'll pick up a splitboard over the next year or two and forget this glisade trick as I do more climbing. That or learn to tele. Thanks for all the help guys.
  4. shell pants question

    Much appreciated. After spending bank on better boots, new crampons, and some new gaiters I just didn't want to spend more $ on pants. Most of my friends that climb, rather than scramble, seem to have pictures of them in regular hiking pants on top of (insert mountain name here). I'd rather spend my money on gas right now than 200 pants that will rip first trip.
  5. shell pants question

    The Cloudveil Rayzor seems too heavy for NW summer climbing. I want to find something not insulated but waterproof, breathable. With the freezing level hovering around 10K in the summer or higher I don't want to be sweating in whatever I buy. So far I'll check out the Zorros or Guide Pants. Any others?
  6. shell pants question

    New to the forum, long time scrambler looking to do some climbing this August. So, before I drop a couple C-notes on some pants, I wanted to know what kind of shell pants the guys here use. I'm going to climb Adams, St. Helens, and maybe Baker this August. I'm looking for some glisade pants, and I'm not sure whether to get the Cloudveil Men's Switchback or Rayzar, Marmot Stormlight, or anything you might suggest. I have gaters and waterproof climbing boots, so I wasn't sure what pant/shells to get. Mostly climb in the summer/fall/spring. Suggestions?
  7. Props to Cascade Designs/MSR

    I had a horrible first time experience with my stove at Rainier the other day, but after some cussing, kicking, poking, multiplyering it to death it finally worked. I wish the retail store was open later so I could drop stuff off for repair on my way to work. My gripe is that their sleeping pads don't handle water well. I use mine for 2 week canoe trips and climbing but the foam always seperates. I can't bitch about their customer service though, I haven't given them the chance.