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  1. Red Rocks vid

    as someone who is trying to learn videography, what are you using to edit? any reccomendations? im mac illiterate.
  2. Cobra vs. Viper

    dear god i want new ice tools. i look at reviews about the new fusions and nomics and cobras and vipers... shit i want em. climbed the vipers in hyalite and they were great to climb on. then again im swingin salvaged picks on some old BD Shrikes. very grateful to have tools of my own to swing, but fuck.... i want some new ones. yes im drunk and yes i did just say butt fuck.
  3. i do agree that these plb/mlu's offer a false sense of security. if im wearing it and brown stuff hits the whirly thing, then its my get out of jail free card right? sure it will help in certain situations but this opens a big door for possibility of people going further than they should when conditions are bad etc... and expecting that they will get rescued. i am a pilot and on aircraft we legally have to fly with an elt. thats fine and dandy but one thing i have learned over the years from reading accident reports and though all the aviation classes i have taken, the likely hood of rescuers (SAR, CAP, Law Enforcement...) is alot lower than one would expect and i believe it is very important to expect these things to actually NOT work and be conservative with youre actions.
  4. umptaneum falls - both the drip and the falls proper were in on sunday when i went there after coleman falls.
  5. year in review

    Its been an amazing year. -over 100 pitches -First alpine ice - NE buttress Chair Peak -First Ice lead - Strobach -Indian Creek - Spring Break -Kor Ingalls Route - Castleton Tower -Made it to 19,600 on Denali via the Muldrow Glacier route -Flailed in Eldorado S.P. -Amazing climbing in sinks canyon WY -Hyalite -More ice damn good 2009
  6. Cold injuries..frost bite?

    i was on denali's muldrow glacier this past summer with NOLS and another student ended up getting frostbite on one of his big toes. this was preceeded by him getting sick moving up to 15,000 feet which may have been attributed to dehydration, then ended up vomiting and not drinking much water during the ascent which deffinatly resulted in dehydration. im guessing dehydration was a major factor. he was wearing kolfach plastics with stock liners.
  7. yup. i also love how this trip report is just like a status update you would see on facebook. one of the many reasons i got rid of that shit a year ago
  8. Trip: Coleman Creek Canyon, Ellensburg - FA: Coleman Falls WI3 Date: 12/13/2009 Trip Report: More Good ice near Ellensburg! Today Craig Gyselinck, Denise Gyselinck And I drove up Coleman Creek Canyon just north of Kittitas to climb Coleman Falls which ive been scouting for a little while. mostly dry roads and Quick approach lead to great ice. Denise on the approach Conor Byrne on the FA of Coleman Falls Photo by Craig Gyselinck Craig attempting the Mixed Chimney at the top The view from the top Approach Notes: Drive Cooke Canyon Road north of Kittitas to the T. Take Left. Drive 3.6 Miles. take right hand turn. go over hill, under power lines untill odo says 4.9. park in large turnoff. descend slope traversing right to obvious gully.
  9. Craig Gyselinck on the FA of Seven Minutes of Pleasure WI3 The view of Seven Minutes from the trail Kyle Flick enjoying The Pleasure photos by Conor Byrne
  10. FS Vans Fargo Boa Snowboard Boots 12US

    these are still for sale
  11. [video:vimeo]7933428 Craig Gyselinck climbing The Matrix WI 4 in Fat Conditions. Normally this climb goes at WI4 M5. livin the Hyalife fo sho. if you click the vimeo button, you can go to the vimeo site and watch full screen.
  12. Expedition Sled

    i clipped two separate leashes from the front of the sled to the stabilizer straps on my pack. (the adjustable straps that connect the body of the pack to the waistbelt). the next thing is important... give your self enough slack so that the leashes take the sleds weight, then take your rope going back to your partner and clip through caribiner on top of sled. then clove hitch rope to carabiner on the top aft of sled. this allows your partner behind you to pull sled back if it noses into a small crevasse, and also allows your partner behind to help take a little of the weight and keep the sled from going down too far on traverses.