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  1. Need a Portland partner

    PM sent
  2. Hope she's not hurt...
  3. New Smith Guide printed!

    Guide looks good! As a young OR climber, AW's Smith guide was THE guide against all others were judged. My compliments!
  4. Carver Bridge Cliff Access

    It sure would suck if the only GOOD bouldering in the PDX area got shut down. I live 20 minutes from this place. Sadly, I can see why Mr. Rosenbaum would want to close the place. Almost every time I go to Carver I see climbers drinking beer and rockin' ganja. I have nothing against these activities and frequently partake myself, but Carver IS NOT the place to do that! Especially when you have twelve year old Twilight tourists walking around. I also know that many, many climbers climb here without signing the waiver. It takes two minutes, just sign it! Go to the Circuit gym, they don't even charge you... Not to be overly pessimistic, but I will be surprised if I am able to climb at Carver next month...
  5. Climbers got fined at Iron Mtn Crag

    Too bad the Railroad folks were not on hand to witness all of the trespassing happening the night of July 4th. I was among the hundreds that stopped all along the tracks (not the stretch by crag though) to watch fireworks. Kind of silly since those tracks are rarely used....
  6. Iron Mtn Crag

    Progress? What happened? I just moved back to LO. Live 10 mins. from this crag.
  7. Crack (or Sport) climbing in PDX anyone?

    Yeah, this weekend is totally good. I'd be down for hitting up Carver or Broughton or anywhere else local. Most of the areas around PDX have something fun for everyone. Cool, let me know. Cheers, ian
  8. Hola, just moved back to PDX from California and need people to climb with! I live only 20 minutes away from Carver so that's super convenient. Also, I'd like to check out the Bat wall at Broughton, that looks pretty cool. Me: Can climb Valley 5.10, lots of gear, I'm super safe (IMO), and am unemployed (= lots of time). I'm not really interested in trekking down to Smith for "moderate multi-pitching," but I will go there to climb harder stuff. I love the Gorge. oh, yes my email: ionelovetwo "at" yahoo "dot" com peace, ian
  9. Need PDX partner ASAP

    Believe me, I'm lookin...
  10. Need PDX partner ASAP

    Hola, I just moved back to Portland from CA. Unfortunately, I left all my climbing people there. Anyhow, I need people to climb with. I'm super safe and I'll climb anything....pretty much. I've got a huge rack and can't wait to climb some local cracks! Oh, and I'm unemployed and have NOTHING to do, so let's climb! Name the time!