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  1. Thinking of a late March ski trip with my 20 yo daughter (snowboard). We would be coming from Ohio and I am looking for any thoughts/advice for this time of the year. Have climbed and skied (limited) in Washington/Oregon, but usually June - August. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks Goat. I do check that out, but was hoping I will get some additional reports as things get closer.
  3. Any current conditions reports? Approach to couloir? Couloir itself? Flying out next weekend and trying to get a handle on things, knowing they may/will change...
  4. South Sister Ski info

    I am thinking about flying from Ohio April 3-7 for 3-4 days of skiing. Would like to spend at least a day on South Sister and Hood. Knowing weather changes, with this year's snow, any thoughts on typical conditions first of April? Thanks.