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  1. Index Aid Climbing

    Hey can I get in on this? I'm looking for partners to brush up on aid techniques over the next three weekends (and possibly a bit during the week). I've only done clean aid, which is what I want to brush up on, but am a patient belayer if you want to work on other stuff. Email Carter at tetontransplant at gmail.com (inserting the @ character in place of " at ". PS: I am about ready to pull the plug on a new haul bag. If you have a used one for sale, I am interested.
  2. Looking for a partner to work on aid technique this weekend (Saturday or Monday, July 3rd or 5th). Index or other suitable place. Email message to tetontransplant at gmail dot com.
  3. We have 3 or 4 extra spaces on a reserved snowcat leaving from Timberline Lodge at 4:00 a.m. this Saturday (June 5th). First come first served. Seats are about $20 per person (depending on how many we end up having.) The cat takes you up about the first 2500 feet to do the standard south-side Hogsback route. Bring your skis or snowboard.
  4. Looking primarily for: Haul Bag, Haul Bag swivel ladder-style aiders daisy chain small offset cams Thanks. Email if interested
  5. Missing climber in the Buck-Clark-Luahna area

    I was very sad to hear that T.J. died. I never climbed with him, but I interviewed him 10 years ago for my magazine, BEARS and Other Top Predators, after he was attacked by a grizzly in Yellowstone. He was a likable fellow there in the hospital, animatedly describing the attack with his scalp stapled together and his eye socket sewn shut (to protect it from infection). Jason, thanks for the detailed write up of the search and recovery. I guessed from the Seattle Times report that he must have gone through Nepeequa Valley. More thoughts on T.J., the area, and his bear incident on my blog at http://www.findingwilderness.com/.