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  1. right on, alpine involves some real adventure! By no means am i profesional, but I've lives in seattle for 3 yrs, climbing atleast once a week on rock, ice, glacier, mtn, and alpine including sport, trad, boulder. what's your schedule? do you have overnight gear/clothing? I'm heading out for some mtn/alpine sun/mon/tues and lookin for partners. mk_adventure@yahoo.com

  2. Great Pics. My friend Dylan and I were the late comers. Turned around at 8500 and ran into the ankle buster on the way down. Set up a system to hall him down, made it about 50 ft before a navy chopper landed and hauled him out just before dark. By the way, the rescue team promoted there FREE services if anyone is in serious trouble up there. Congrats on summiting on such a beautiful day!

  3. Whats up KAB,


    I happen to be lookin for partners for alpine/rock. I have two, but schedule differences don't allow for as much climbing as I would like.


    I've been in Seattle for a year and a half.

    Started indoor climbing many years ago, then bouldering, backpacking in Cali including the high sierra, and finally lead outdoor and alpine.


    My res is less than yours. Lead 5.9,5.10 sport, 5.8,5.9 trad, climbed to Baker camp, camp muir, south early winter spire, another peak near baker, local rock: exit 32, 38, chief, mt erie, frenchman coulee, leavenworth.


    Love the outdoors and climbing man.


    I'm down to hang out anytime, maybe climb locally and go from there.




  4. Living in Seattle, been bouldering, indoor and outdoor climbing, mtn hiking and limited climbing for a few years. Have all my gear except alpine tent. Looking for locals with free time for day trips to start. I climb/lead 5.8-5.9 sport, 5.6 trad (limited trad experience).

    Ready for the summer season!