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  1. Ferguson in Context

    Let's assume your stats below are accurate and defensible. Do you think "likelihood of arrest" itself is indicative of discrimination? Could an increase in likelihood of arrest simply be indicative of a higher rate of engagement in illegal activity? What do you think leads to this statistic? Same question as above. Your assertion being that cops are out to get black folk?
  2. Mainsail: A First Ascent up the Icicle

    cool. i will begin necessary preparations for an attempt to commence perhaps any time now.
  3. Mainsail: A First Ascent up the Icicle

    it looks like a v2 to a good rest. then it breaks left into what looks to be v5 or v6 to a good hanging jug. then cruiser to top. and that equation equals 5.12c/d!
  4. Fossil Rock,other walls Weyerhaeuser Vail area

    Don't know, but the sign says RCW 77.15.435 So you either type, read or see poorly I got the RCW directly from the OP. Somehow you missed that, I suppose.
  5. Fossil Rock,other walls Weyerhaeuser Vail area

    RCW 9A.52.080 or RCW 77.5.435 First one is Criminal Tresspass in the 2nd degree. second one I can't find. Anyone know what RCW 77.5.435 is?
  6. best hard sport routes near seattle

    Yep, Little Si gets crowded, unless you can get out there mid-day during the week. Equinox unfortunately has access issues. This was kinda the crag for your grades. Nason Ridge has 1 5.13, and a couple of 5.12's, but is 2 hours away. Vantage actually has fun climbs in your range. at least one of each at 12c, 13a, 13b, and 13c or d, all pretty bouldery. Again, two hours away. Newhalem is loaded in that range. And? Two hours away! Little Si is your best bet, if your time is limited.
  7. best hard sport routes near seattle

    Are we to assume that 5.12 and 5.13 is easy for you? When is the last time you redpointed 5.13?
  8. Aggressive Seattle Bicyclists

    This one is particularly obnoxious--especially for a guy with only 17 posts. What's kinda funny is that if you only had 17 posts, you'd be way less obnoxious. I'll be eagerly looking for your "happy posts" on all the other forums!
  9. Obama and his Lying Issues

    yeah, and they also called for gmo labeling. go figure.
  10. Obama and his Lying Issues

    i'm still waiting for you to reveal what jimmy did wrong on the economy.
  11. Aggressive Seattle Bicyclists

    Maybe this is part of the reason he's now the lame duck mayor? FWIW, I can't wait until the new mayor fires that $95,000/year bike czar pizza delivery guy. Also, gotta love the way bicyclists always want someone else to pay for their privilege. Property taxes? Hell no! good lord you whine. why don't you list five things in your life that you are happy about. I'll even set up the numbers for you so it's easy: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  12. Aggressive Seattle Bicyclists

    on the streets of seattle! people i know who ride fixies in seattle like the challenge.
  13. Aggressive Seattle Bicyclists

    I have never heard of a derailleur "icing up". Ever. Fixies are a fad; what isn't?
  14. Taking dancing on your grave to a new level...

    What dross! Countless studies have shown that through ww2 ~80% of soldiers refused to kill the enemy. Only after thoroughly dehumanizing desensitization training programs were introduced has this ratio changed. manufacturing contempt sure, many might think his posts dross, but i hardly think this particular one necessarily contradicts your (appreciated) link.
  15. Taking dancing on your grave to a new level...

    heh, a funny cynical bastard to be sure, although a little overly mired in his own cynicism for my tastes