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  1. Run pace

    Here's an example from today... Ran the Dirty Half with my wife, pretty much off the couch... and my time certainly reflected that (2:45). My main climbing partner has been training for three months, and he ran it a whole hour faster than myself. I ran so slow I almost missed the Taco Stand burritos at the end. My goals were very different than my friends, I wanted to run with my wife, drink beers, and have a smile on my face the whole time. He wanted to beat his wifes PR.
  2. T rice 164.5 trade SOLD

    I have an older (2008) 159 Skate Banana that I would consider trading.
  3. Goggles? What brand/color do you wear?

    I've got several pairs of goggles I would be willing to sell for cheap. I posted a pair of Smiths a while back that never sold. Oakley A frames too.. Good luck with your bid on Shasta!
  4. Gearheads: 90+ liter packs for 2-3 week excursions

    I use a ArcTeryx Bora 95 when I need a pack that big. I pretty much only use it for outdoor ed and wilderness therapy courses, when you might (read: do) have to open it up and carry a bunch of other people's stuff. It's like an insurance policy in the backcountry for swallowing gear. I pretty much avoid using my 95 unless I'm working. I've got a 50 and a 62 that work for everything else. How long of a food pack will you be doing at a time?
  5. Jackets, Shoes, Etc.

    Closet cleaning! All items are in Bend Oregon. Add $5 for shipping in the lower forty-eight. Snowboards shipped will be however much it costs. Feel free to OBO. I know, it's crazy... everything you have been looking for... on one page! Mtn Hardwear Sub Zero jacket - XL - Used, but still very warm! - $80 Marmot Dri-Clime - XL - Used, but still wicking and windproof! - $50 Patagonia Integral Pants - XL - Used, 3/4 zip softshell - $40 Five Ten Flip-Flops - 11 - Used, leather top, stealth bottoms - $20 Five Ten Guide Tennie - 11 - Used, minor toe peel - $40 La Sportiva Barr Trail - 11 - Used - $20 Five Ten Copperhead's - 9.5 - slightly used, less than 10 pitches - $50 Five Ten Womens Anasazi - wms 8 - Used - $30 Smith Goggles - Mirrored lens, good foam - Used - $30 Snowboards - Lib Technologies Emmagator - 165cm - about as used as a board that still slides could be. - $40 Never Summer T5 - 165 - used but in great shape, minimal base and topsheet wear. This board has been begging to come out an play. - $150 Cheers! paul dot trendler at gmail dot com
  6. Spantiks for splitboarding (and climbing)

    Without looking at the setup I can only guess.. but I would suggest messing around with the angle of your stance. I know that can be a bit limited by the voile discs, but it could offer a bit of space on your board. IMHO it really comes down to the width or the board compared to the size of the boot, so if your board really is too narrow, cutting a new one would be the next best option. Hope you get your setup ready for La Nina!
  7. Super Slab Bolted???

    "Ummmm. I did check the guidebook, did you? Obviously not as the route is not in there. " JLag - Are the two of us talking about different routes? Unless I am mistaken that route is in the second Watts guidebook... so your post here confused me. Where did you not find it? -PT
  8. Super Slab Bolted???

    FYI - The first Ascent information in the Watts' second addition says that " A Stroke of Brilliance" was put up in 1995 by Brooke Sandahl and Doug Phillips. The topo can be found on p.233 with the FA info on p.448.
  9. name that route!

    anybody go bouldering in oregon here?
  10. bop 'til you drop seemed like an easier onsight, where as bad moon rising was way harder for me