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  1. Welcome Leavenworth Climbing Rangers

    A broken clock is still right twice a day
  2. Welcome Leavenworth Climbing Rangers

    yea right, concerns over overuse? let's rebuild the Castle Rock Trail! Again!!!
  3. Dental Dome, Tumwater Canyon

    I thought Speckled Gums was a route in the Icicle
  4. Whats up with this place? Anybody been there?
  5. very cool Isn't there already a route named Guillotine in the Icicle?
  6. Bath Tub Dome

    this may help: http://www.leavenworthrockclimbing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57&Itemid=67
  7. Bugaboos in the next couple of weeks?

    Mikey, climbed the reg. route on Bugaboo the first week in June once. the lower half of the ridge was all snow. approach to the hut was postholing, too. But, my girlfriend and I had the whole hut to ourselves. hokey-pokey nude sunbathing was awesome...
  8. Leavenworth rock quiz!

    3. Cool Struttin, Careno 4. Ozone 5. Ozone 7. O-Crack, Ozone, (Not Kitty Corner) 8. another ozone route 10. Super Freaky, Careno 16. downclimbing Direttisima
  9. AT setup FS

  10. AT setup FS

    Salomon Screams 170cm Scarpa AT boots size 12 Diamir Frischi Freeride bindings Black Diamond skins $500
  11. Location of Playground Point at Icicle Creek

    city folk, sheesh...
  12. [TR] Alpine Lakes - Outer Space 4/25/2010

    why in blazes would you rappel Pearly Gates in the dark, assaulted by goats, when you can stroll down the backside in flipflops with a beer in hand? just wonderin'
  13. Mountie Alert - Vantage 9/20 - 9/21

    so don, do you still show up at mounties outings and climb over their ropes for your amusement? gotta love a guy that thrives on making others squirm
  14. Blind leading the blind

    bug, will u be my mentor? you really know some shit about some shit...
  15. [TR] Icicle Buttress - R&D 5/4/2008

    Hey, nice pix, can't beat a spring day in the icicle. love the patriotic identi-tape on your gear, too. slava Ukraini!