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  1. OK, so not so much found as accidentally got put into my pack mistaking it for mine. I think your name was Elliot, from Seattle, we were climbing at Oasis on Saturday. Let me know how I can get it back to you. 206-351-5585
  2. Climbing partners bailed or have to work. Would like to climb this weekend. Possibly Tieton, Vantage, or L-worth. Mostly sport (I am just breaking into leading 11a on sport, climb some trad but dont lead very hard.) I can leave as early as tomorrow morning. willing to leave as late as saturday morning. 206-351-5585
  3. Camp Muir / DC

    Unless of course you're racing. Then fast wins the race.
  4. time to climb

    I thought I had the weekend of the 21st off, but I do not... sorry.
  5. Rainier in May

    It was a blue bird day up there today. Above 7k there wasnt a cloud in the sky (except below you!) Snow conditions were perfect. Ingraham Direct would be the ticket for an easy ascent right now.
  6. We're always looking for new climbing partners. Trad, sport, alpine, you name it. Jordanpaulmiller@gmail.com is a good way to get a hold of me.
  7. time to climb

    I might be up for Baker. Route? One day or two?
  8. Rainier in May

    I was thinking about heading up there Monday-tuesday. Wasnt planning on summiting, (Was just gonna solo camp at muir or the flats) but I'd imagine I'm in decent enough shape if I get up there and I'm feelin froggy.
  9. Climbing partner wanted

    Wanna go to Vantage or Tieton in the morning?
  10. Heading to Vantage (Or maybe tieton) and my climbing buddys probably arent heading out until Saturday morning but I'd like to head out Tomorrow (Friday) morning..... 206-351-5585
  11. FS: One Silvretta 500 Binding

    Still available? 206-351-5585
  12. F.S. Silvretta 500 Easy Go bindings size SMALL

    How big of a boot will the smalls fit?
  13. Tomorrow

    PM sent
  14. El Potrero Chico/J-Tree in Feb.

    I'll be flying in. I'm climbing Orizaba the week before then flying from Veracruz to Monterey.