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  1. I'm interested in the tent. Can you tell me more about it: Weight, size, capacity, specs, etc. How big/weight is the backpacking stove?
  2. How much for the backpacking stove and water filter? Do they both work?
  3. Hey I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me about some good hiking/backpacking trails near Corvallis, OR. I'm looking for tough hikes with great views, you know the usual. Thanks.
  4. Hey I'd definitely be interested in going to smith some time. Do you have a lot of gear because I don't have a rope or quick draws, etc. Let me know a weekend your planning on going. Thanks.
  5. are the tent and stove relatively small, for backpacking? how much would you want for them?
  6. Hey I'm looking to buy a bunch of climbing/backpacking gear. I don't have a lot of money, so I'm looking for stuff as cheap as I can get. What I'm looking for: Climbing Rope Quick Draws Slings Backpacking Tent Backpacking Stove Water Purifier Big Pack Digital Camera (sorry, kind of random, but I need it) If you have any of this stuff and wanna sell, let me know. Thanks.
  7. Hey I'm an Oregon State student and I'm just looking to get out and climb more, but I don't know many people that climb outside. So if you climb a lot (and have gear preferably, because I just have the basics) and want to climb with someone else in the Corvallis area let me know. Thanks. Ben
  8. Cleaning house

    you still got the bivy sack? Would you throw in a few slings if you sold the bivy sack?
  9. FS or TRADE: lots of new rockclimbing gear.

    How much do you want for the rope and/or quick draws? and could you ship any of it?