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  1. ?Rapping Snow Creek Wall

    Yep, just waiting for someone to show their buns ... But I haven't been lurking actually, I've been AWOL.
  2. ?Rapping Snow Creek Wall

    why do you have pics of naked guys so readily accessible to you?
  3. I know what motivates you Nice to see you're still at it, John.
  4. Climbing before Marriage

    That is so sad!
  5. Sleeping Bag Sleeping

    That's awesome.
  6. REI sale May 2 - 11

    Did you go down to the "gear garage"? That's where all the ski stuff is. It got moved down there at end of season. OK, I have to admit it...I just started working there I'm new in Seattle and it's a great place to meet outdoorsy people while I'm getting settled. If you're in there returning your 15 year old summit pack because a strap *finally* broke, yep, I'm your girl...I'm at customer service. Be nice! And don't mess with me Seriously, though...come by and say hi if you're in the store - my name's Lisa
  7. REI sale May 2 - 11

    Hey sorry - I just hadn't logged in yet or I coulda shared the secret with you
  8. REI sale May 2 - 11

    If you're a member, you got a catalog in the mail showing everything on sale and the coupon. If you didn't get it, there are catalogs in the store you can look through - they honored the sale prices/coupon in the store today (a day early).
  9. For JayB

    This is so depressing!
  10. CC.com and Northwest culture

    Friggin' amazing pictures! I would agree...Alaskans are the best.
  11. Favorite Streaming Radio Stations?

    Isn't that just a regular NPR station? NO - check out the Morning Becomes Eclectic show and Metropolis (Jason Bentley) for awesome music (IMHO)...there are a lot of shows (music, political and otherwise) that are unique to KCRW. You won't find them anyplace else. Plus they have all the great NPR progs. that aren't on every public station like This American Life.
  12. Favorite Streaming Radio Stations?

    KCRW - the best radio station I've ever found. I haven't lived in LA for 8 years, but I still stream that station regularly.
  13. CC.com and Northwest culture

    It's threads like this that really crack me up...where else can you find this kind of stuff? Seriously...it's entertaining! Does anyone really take it personally?
  14. Talk to me about biodiesel

    Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that! I mostly stopped paying attention to it when my ag education ended in 2002, so my info is old! Thanks for the more up to date info. Either way, the depletion of hops has little to nothing to do with farmers switching to corn for ethanol production like someone suggested. As a biofuel, ethanol SUCKS, and it's giving biodiesel a bad rap. Now congress (ruled by oil barons) is HOPING to restrict ALL biofuels because of the food "crisis", and they want to blanket all biofuels because of the impact ethanol crops have had on the food economy. The real story is they want to persuade everyone through fear tactics that all biofuels are bad so that we'll keep driving on gasoline and they'll keep getting rich off of us. There is a HUGE difference between crops used for ethanol and crops used for biodiesel - biodiesel uses byproducts of the food industry and doesn't take away from food production whereas ethanol uses a whole crop and directly competes with the food supply. While they are both technically biofuels, one is far more sustainable (and efficient) than the other. Just pay attention to the hype that is rampant in the news right now and you will notice that there is (intentionally) rarely a distinction made between biodiesel and ethanol...it's a total conspiracy to convince people that BOTH are bad and BOTH are causing the rise in food prices when really the problem is only being caused by Ethanol. Friggin' oil bastards! Will they ever be rich enough?