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  1. Come join us, check out the wall, and meet other local climbers! Open to the community, featuring climbing, food and slideshow! [img:center]http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/uploads/15727/image001.jpg[/img]
  2. Any eastern WA climbers??

    Yeah you should. We've got a bunch of people going regularly now - a bunch of new folks as well as the ones who've been there forever. It's a good group. And as much as I diss Spencer's routes for being way too reachy, it helps keep me in shape for the weekends. Although we still all agree that someone should put a climbing gym into the old grain factory on Clearwater. Any takers?
  3. Any eastern WA climbers??

    Hey there, Have you been to the wall at the Tri-Cities Court Club in Kennewick? It's not spectacular, but it's a good place to practice and gain some skills. There are a number of us who climb there regularly on weeknights, and we often get outside on weekends as well. You can message me as well if you'd like to meet up with us either inside or out. We're always happy to meet new climbers! -Jenn
  4. Tri Cities Climbers?

    Thanks! That puts my mind at ease a little...
  5. Tri Cities Climbers?

    Hey there, I am moving to the Tri-Cities for work in a couple of months. I'm worried that there won't be enough of a climbing community there. Are there any climbers in the area and is it difficult to find partners? I'm used to gym climbing several times a week, and going outside at least every other weekend when the weather's good. Thanks and hope to see you on the rock sometime.