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  1. dont need much experience for the sisters, just check with the ranger station and ask about avalanche conditions. been up there a few times during winter and summer... not a dangerous mountain. the only real problem would be getting lost and freezing to death.
  2. Spokane???

    Looking for a partner for rock, ice, or alpine???
  3. Spokane area?

    looking for ice, rock, or alpine climbing partner???
  4. Anyone up for adding a new guy to the group? Have all the gear and have been on ice a few times. placed some screws and have been through rope rescue 3 multiple times. Been climbing rock and alpine for a few years now, just kind of new to the ice arena. Hard to find good climbing partners sometimes! let me know?
  5. Banks Lake Ice

    have the mighty death daggers been blown away at devils punch bowl yet? heading out there tomorrow.
  6. Banks Lake Ice

    how is banks now?