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  1. Mt Hood

    The freezing level when I was up there yesterday was 14,000 ft. We turned back just below the hog's back. The temp there was 42F. It felt like the mountain was coming down, quite a bit of rock and ice fall all over the place.
  2. I have a brand new, tags were never even taken off, Arc'Teryx Epsilon SV softshell jacket. I ordered it and as much as I would like to keep it, it is just to big. It is a men's XL and is the Flare (orange) color. Asking $150 shipped. PM for pictures.
  3. Motor Bikes at Vantage

    I was there about 3 weeks ago and there were several people riding bikes then too.
  4. I'm headed to Vantage this weekend to do some climbing, should I even bother to bring my ice gear. I'm assuming from what I'v read that the ice has gone to hell and is likely unclimbable. Can anyone confirm or deny that?
  5. patagonia sale!!

    it figures that the jacket i wanted sold out before i could order one.
  6. Got any pictures of the tools?
  7. So I am looking for a good place to do some ice climbing in the Southern Idaho/Northern Utah area. Ideally I am looking for a mid way point so I can meet up with a buddy who lives in Salt Lake, I am in the Spokane, Washington area. Any ideas or suggestions?
  8. Bluewood/Dayton Ice conditions??

    If you are driving toward the lodge you won't be able to see the ice because of the huge amounts of snow. Best place to park, that we found was at the first of two metal bridges and then backtrack a bit. It's super easy to miss if you're not looking, so drive slowly. It's roughly 19.4miles from the turnoff in Dayton and 17.4 miles from the sign that says 20 miles to the lodge. Anyone have any recent pictures?
  9. That's funny...John was the one that told me I should go take a look at it. Thanks for the info.
  10. So rumor is that there is some ice formation out around Klemgard Park (about 30-45min) outside of Pullman, WA. My partners have been unable to find it, anyone have any idea if it exists or where it is?
  11. Bluewood/Dayton Ice conditions??

    I drove down to Bluewood today from Moscow and truth be told it wasn't worth making the trip. Ice is thin, especially at the top, and very inconsistent. If you're going to be making a trip I would suggest Copper Falls, some friends did it a few weeks ago and said the ice there was much better than the ice at Bluewood.