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  1. Forbidden Fatality

    pm sent
  2. Need 2 permits for 5/25

    We have two permits available for 5-25. Call if you want them. Justin 503 568 4545
  3. Glad you guys made it down ok. I think I heard you guys coming back over the saddle. We were in the green Walrus hoping it wouldn't blow away. Cheers!
  4. sounds sweet! where does the road end and the snow begin?
  5. GPS Thread

    Hi to everyone, My name is Justin Votos, one of the missing Hood climbers last Monday. Thanks for everyones concern, it means a whole lot to Matt and I. Anyway, I thought I would toss my two cents in. Trad_guy, you are absolutely correct, a gps could have gotten us back to the parking lot and spared us all this media drama. We found it exceedingly difficult to navigate with standard equipment(map, altimeter and compass, of which we had all three). Walking in a straight line became difficult, my altimeter was thrown by the pressure change and finding any reference points for correction was impossible. So for now on I will carry a unit just for these situations. I'll for sure look at the eTrex H. Thanks.