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  1. Sex

    thats funny it does Hehehehe... Muffy's box stick's out farther... heheheheh
  2. to the christians

    Not accurate. You don't conspire to kill somebody who is simply not who you were looking for. You kill somebody who exposes your hypocrisy in an effort to keep your dishonesty hidden. As to the original post... I agree with the above post that it's quite hypocritical to address me as a Christian and then speak to my values assuming they are exactly the same as the rest of mainstream protestantism.
  3. mentor

    Good advice muffy. How sad that in this day and age we have to be so careful offering advice to youngsters, but... alas, it's true. I'll be getting my 14yo son out this summer once the weather warms up. We just moved here from down south and are fairly new to climbing, so hope to get involved in some family friendly events. Climb on!