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  1. Selling a couple packs to clear out the room and help fund some upcoming trips. Black Diamond Outlaw backpack. In nearly new condition. Great backcountry pack, well organized, great suspension. Size M/L. $75. Mountain Hardwear Direttissima. Used, but still in good working condition. Some small holes shown in the picture - easy repair. I also cut out the hydration sleeve as it was too small to be of real use, and wanted zippered access to main compartment. $45. Will ship at buyer's expense. Located in Corvallis, OR. PM me with any questions.
  2. FS: Black Diamond and Mt Hardwear backpacks

    Bump. Make me an offer I probably won't refuse.
  3. Selling my used Nepal Evo's, size 42.5. They never quite fit my foot too well, and am selling to try something else for the upcoming winter. Boots are in used but good shape, excellent tread life left. $200. Also, selling 2 BD Turbo express 16cm ice screws, and 1 grivel 360 12cm ice screw. All have been lightly used, but still sharp. Mostly just hung on my gear rack for the past few years. Thanks grad school. $25 a piece for each screw. I prefer paypal. Message me with any questions. Thanks.
  4. FS: Black Diamond and Mt Hardwear backpacks

    http://blackdiamondequipment.com/en/ski-packs/outlaw-pack-BD681136RVGRS_M1.html I believe the MH is ~45L.
  5. La Sportiva Spantik Size 43

    These still for sale? Shopping around for boots to climb and splitboard in.
  6. Kitesurfing setup. Everything $500 Seattle

    PM Sent
  7. I believe it is a S/M. I am 5'7" and it fit me a little on the large side - hence selling it. In good shape, a few minor holes and abrasions. I cut out the hydration sleeve as I never use one, and it now allows easy access into the main compartment through the zipper without taking off the lid. Can provide more photos upon request. Asking $70. Will ship at buyer's expense. Plenty of miles and climbs left in it!
  8. FS: Mountain Hardwear Direttissima Pack

    bump. make me an offer.
  9. FS: Canon G12 Camera

    I am selling my Canon G12 that I bought this past December. It is in near perfect condition, and comes with all the original manuals/box/cords/charger/etc. I love this camera, and it has taken some amazing photos for me. I know it is popular with climbers, so figured I would post it up on here before I throw it on ebay. I have made the decision that the extra bulk and money is worth it to me to get a full DSLR, so I am selling this to help fund that purchase. At work now, but can post photos of it later on. Located in Corvallis, OR and will ship. Asking $350.
  10. FS: Canon G12 Camera

    Yeah, I have been debating this for a while, but I already have a smaller point and shoot for days when I really want to be pretty minimalistic. Otherwise, carrying the extra camera weight/bulk is fine with me. I'm not setting any records no matter how light weight I go. Basically, a few truly high quality photos from the trips I do are worth the tradeoff for me. Emphasis on the "for me." Sorry, but that's a no on the $175. If I didn't need the funds to put toward the DSLR, I'd be happy to pass it on for less. Alas, being a grad student doesn't leave much room for financial generosity.
  11. FS: Canon G12 Camera

    No takers?? I am listing it on Ebay today - dropping the price to $300. Good deal!
  12. FS: Canon G12 Camera

    Bump. Make me an offer.
  13. FS: Used new style BD cobras

    I have a pair of BD Cobras that are approx. ~2 years old. Normal wear and tear on them. The picks are in good shape. I have 2 mini hammer attachments, and a mini adze attachment. I don't find much use for them anymore and am about to start a PhD, which will inevitably result in even less use. $350 for the pair. Will ship. Located in Corvallis, OR.
  14. FS: Used new style BD cobras

  15. WTB: BD Cobra Ice Tools

    Sent you a PM.
  16. Iceberg climbing - video

    Awesome video! As a fellow Pittsburgh native, it's great to see others getting out and having adventures. If any of you ever make it to Oregon, you have a place to stay. Good luck with the contest, I voted for you!
  17. Movie night suggestions

    Personally, I think the Vertical Limit drinking game hit the nail on the head. I own Touching the Void, and have yet to make it through the whole thing without falling asleep.
  18. Eagle Creek Canyoneering

    They were definitely wearing wetsuits. For sure. I'll ask tonight and get back to you on the other stuff.
  19. Eagle Creek Canyoneering

    My friends just did it yesterday. They had a blast. They just jumped all the waterfalls, and rapped the last big one. They had a 70m, and still had to rap off the end into the pool. Go get it!
  20. Skinny cords and rapping

    I am assuming that will be enough extra distance to cover for rope stretch also?? Are there any advantages to one type of cord over another? Thanks.
  21. Skinny cords and rapping

    Call me ignorant, but up until now I have always climbed on single ropes and brought a second rope for raps. I am considering trying this system out and getting a skinny line in lieu of the second rope. Anyone have any specific suggestions for a skinny rap line?
  22. Weekend climbing pack question

    I am in the middle of looking to purchase a new pack, and figured I would see if anyone here had any suggestions. I currently use a Cilo 30L for just about everything I do, but am looking for something bigger for slightly longer/more gear intensive trips. I would like a bag that can fit a tent, sleeping bag, pad, stove, etc..., a full rack, a rope, and enough clothing and food for 3-5 days. I will be making two trips to the enchantments soon, where we will hike in and set up base camp for 4 days each time, and run around and climb routes each day. Ideally I am looking for a pack that can cary all of my gear into camp, and then strip down to be able to use on the day-long excursions. Currently I have a MH Direttissima, but it carries like shit for me and I am looking for a replacement. So what does everyone else use for these types of trips? I am thinking something in the 45L-65L range. The Black Diamond Speed 50 and the North Face Prophet 52 both look interesting to me, but I have zero experience with either one. Would be great to get some opinions as to where I should be looking, and then I will go from there and try them on to see what fits me best. I also tend to be characterized by the slow and light style. I hate carrying extra junk. So something with a zillion pockets all over the place is going to be useless for me. Thanks!
  23. Weekend climbing pack question

    Thanks for all of the feedback. I 100% agree that it is an issue of fit. I am looking for other packs to try, in an attempt to find a brand/style that DOES fit me well. Unfortunately, I live in Corvallis, OR where there are not many places to get fitted for a pack. The other issue is that whenever I do have time to travel to a good store (weekends), I would rather be out in the hills than sitting in a store in front of 15 different packs trying to decide which one would be best for me... I am heading to the enchantments tonight with my Direttissima and a Marmot Kompressor pack (little lightweight thing). I will see how that setup works for me.
  24. Jefferson Park??

    Was there this weekend. Lakes and the park are melted out. Still snow left in the trees once you hit the PCT (we came from the Whitewater TH). Mostly patchy though, and nothing that was even mildy bad in approach shoes. That was my first time up there - so beautiful!
  25. Weekend climbing pack question

    So I have been considering going the route of bringing along a separate small climbing pack. I have just been using my Cilo 30L for climbing with, but it is overkill to carry that in with a larger capacity pack. The Cilo 20L packs look pretty cool though. Maybe I will check out some of those small lightweight packs. No problem skibum. I am definitely not new to buying packs, or climbing for that matter, but I think it is always good to hear what works for other people. With all of the innovation going on these days, I wonder if I am missing out on something by being too narrow-minded. With that said though, my favorite packs have always been the most simple ones, so I don't really know where that leaves me...