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  1. I need a permit for my pops who procrastinated too long before buying one. Lemme know if you've got a spare. Thanks!
  2. Rainier - June 23/24?

    I'm looking to head up to Paradise from Oregon on Thursday, June 23 and hopefully get a walk-up permit (shouldn't be too hard being a thursday). My party bailed on me so I'm solo right now which means no-go unless someone has room for me to join them. If you're planning to head up the hill that day and have room for one more in your group, then let me know. Thanks!
  3. Mt. Hood Weather Info

    Cool. Thanks guys!
  4. Mt. Hood Weather Info

    Cool. These are really helpful. Is there a spot that shows how much snow actually fell or has a current avy-danger status since NWAC is done for the year?
  5. Mt. Hood Weather Info

    I'm looking at heading up the South Side of Hood this Friday/Saturday. I've been up before, but it's always been with groups where I haven't had to judge the weather conditions before heading out. Since I've got a 3.5 hour drive I'd like to have a good idea what to expect before I get there. Where do you guys go for info on weather and avy danger for Hood? Any chance anyone knows what the conditions are potentially going to look like this weekend? Thanks!
  6. Backpacking trip suggestions for NCNP or ONP

    hannegan pass to ross lake looks pretty sweet from what I can tell. I haven't checked milage on that but I'm guessing that would be a shuttle trip rather than an out-and-back? We're only going to have one car so that probably wouldn't work for us if it is. Thanks for all the info though. Good stuff!
  7. A group of us are heading up to Washington in late August and looking to do a 30-50 mile backpacking trip in either North Cascades or the Olympics. We've never been to either so I was hoping you guys might offer some suggested routes that would be the best way to see each park and maybe talk me into one park over the other. Peak-bagging along the route would be an added bonus but a few of the guys are inexperienced so it would have to be non-technical. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. [TR] Rae Lakes Loop - Adventure Run 10/24/2009

    Thanks for the report. Any chance you can post a quick gear list of what you take on a run like this (clothing, pack, hydration, food, etc.)? I'm new to adventure running and I'm trying to figure what I need for trips in the shoulder seasons where preparation for weather is key, but I don't want to end up running with a 25 pound pack as well.
  9. Acclimating Question

    Interesting. I might try that since it's cheap. Looks like we may end up taking another day off of work and getting to the Portal on Thursday morning, thus allowing us to do the day hike to 11k feet and then get get a good days rest on Friday before heading up Whitney. I'm guessing that will be the best idea with our group.
  10. Acclimating Question

    What's the deal with Ginkgo? I've not heard of that before. I still get a chuckle about high altitude climbers using viagra to aid in acclimatizing. Seems to me that could hinder your climbing abilities.
  11. Acclimating Question

    Yeah, I wish we had 2 days for the actual climb but we only got a 1 day permit. Thanks for all the info though. We'll probably see how it goes. I'm not worried about myself since I've been that high before but everyone else in the group has pretty limited experience with altitude. I'll be really surprised if everyone makes it up.