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  1. REI appeals Monika Johnson's case

    If you don't want to accept any and all don't sell it under your name sell it under theirs As a consumer do you want to buy a private label product knowing the labeler (REI, Performance Bike, Safeway) won't accept responsibility for what's in the product manufactured by some entity you can't determine?
  2. REI appeals Monika Johnson's case

    Exactly. If REI doesn't want to accept liability they shouldn't sell shit under their brand. Or they could look doubly douchey, like they do now
  3. REI appeals Monika Johnson's case

    Why are you making this so complex matt? It sounds like REI wants to dump liability of their house brand products onto someone else; they branded it, they sell it under their name, they should take the liability.
  4. REI appeals Monika Johnson's case

    this is a great idea. keep voting everyone out every year till they act right. I believe the recent (last 6-7 years or so) changes to board nomination/voting procedures make it unlikely you'll ever produce a change.
  5. REI appeals Monika Johnson's case

    What a crock of horseshit from REI. Using logic why would I buy a Novara product from REI when REI will refuse to back the product despite what mealy-mouthed leftovers from a shyster bank say?
  6. REI appeals Monika Johnson's case

    Gee I'm glad I'm a member.
  7. Mt. Cook & Mt. Aspiring

    Don't limit yourself to German girls - the Dutch, French and Spanish women are well worth a detour as well. If that fails theres always an Aussie.
  8. FINALLY! Bin Laden DEAD!

    This could be applied to - oh nevermind. Sometimes watching the random word generator wind itself up into a frenetic, incoherent, rabid lather and then blue screen is well worth watching for nothing more than sheer entertainment value. ttk aspires to entertaining
  9. I'M IN LOVE!!!

    I thought this thread was about the arrival of your Fleshlight
  10. Mt. Cook & Mt. Aspiring

    worse beer, food could be good to very good and certainly not "much worse" unless you are looking for Michelin stars (of which WA has none anyway more likely to me a hottie tourist or transplant climber chica than an actual kiwi
  11. Cloudwalker - Cloudveil were some others.
  12. Well done Canada

    I thought PP was a chia pet. The more shit you feed it, the bigger it gets.
  13. Well done Canada

    hey adultfriendfinder avatar - maybe you should get back to the Stephen Harper pedophile lounge?
  14. Well done Canada

    I can hear PP fapping to this pic lightyears away
  15. FINALLY! Bin Laden DEAD!

    I'll take a couple of the sluts if you don't want them
  16. FINALLY! Bin Laden DEAD!

    when I lived there... yes. They are often "aides". The slutty ones are well.... sluts. Pay to play. Down the block the 20 year old showed up at 10am in her Carrera Convertible to service after wife had gone to the gym
  17. Mass Republicans Attack Collective Bargaining...

    the Republicans stole the socialized medicine issue from them in Mass so they had to do something.
  18. The hard knock life of an internet troll

  19. The next big cuts in Washtington

    What was that about a $4500/rate?
  20. greg mortensen, bs artist

    If you want to read it that way... sure it is. Clearly you do. Nitpicking choice bits of a narrative doesn't revoke the whole - a logical fallacy deployed by all of the opponents of Krakauer it seems. FWIW I think CAIC's major accomplishment is to provide validation for Western Yuppies.
  21. greg mortensen, bs artist

    Darsney's statement was the kind of statement of support people underfire can do without it's great for rallying the cheerleaders though - comeon KirkW I know you can, I know you can!
  22. greg mortensen, bs artist

    KirkW can't be that dumb, can he?
  23. The next big cuts in Washtington

    The VAT came about as a cheap way to raise taxes because the burden of compliance was put on the individual - not so much because they didn't want to stick it to the rich