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  1. Central Oregon Ski Conditions?

    The snow in the Sierra Nevada is not looking particularly good for a Trans-Sierra tour, so the lady and I are thinking of heading north for some Smith Rock cragging and local skiing if conditions seem descent. Anybody been up in the Sisters area lately, particularly Tam McArthur Rim? Or info on some of the ski mountaineering descents like Adams right now? Thanks! Ryan
  2. Patagonia Beta?

    If you fly into Chalten solo and start looking for partners, you are gambling big. You don't want to be working out the kinks of a faulty partnership with some Polish dude you just met 20 pitches up a routes. Trust me... Nepals are probably overkill for routes in the Torre Valley, but for mountain routes like the Whillans on Poincenot, they would be the ticket. I'd bring some Trangos for Torre Valley stuff, and for a lot of the short stuff like Guillamet Mermoz etc.
  3. The ruby red slippers, the classic La Sportiva Trango Evo S Boots- SIZE 45.5 Worn twice, in nearly new condition. Just a hair too big for me... $130 plus shipping. ryanahuetter at gmail dot com
  4. FS: La Sportiva Trango Evo S Size 45.5

  5. WTB Waterfall Ice by Joe Josephson

    Bump also looking for a copy if anyone wants to part with theirs!
  6. For sale, Black Diamond branded Bibler Eldorado single wall four season tent. Yellow ToddTex material. Includes vestibule, poles, stakes, and a tube of seamgrip. Brand new unused! Still has tags! 450 plus shipping.
  7. Brand new BD Eldorado tent w/ vestibule

    SOLD. thanks.
  8. Mounting Dynafits

    Hi All, I have a pair of Dynafits I'd like to get mounted, at a shop since I lack any knowledge of the subject, and preferably somewhere close and with a good reputation. I am in Poulsbo- any good shops on the Peninsula/Port Angeles, or is a trip across the water going to be necessary? Thanks for any ideas/input. Ryan
  9. [TR] The Cap'n - Mescalito 9/7/2011

    Way proud dude.
  10. [TR] Eagle Scout Peak - Hamilton Lakes/Kaweah Gap 9/25/2011

    RAD, you seem to be getting after it quite a bit in SEKI this year- I'm jealous! Next I want to see a TR climbing Black Kaweah, dipping in Kern hotsprings, and still out by happy hour!
  11. [TR] Whaleback - East Face via Cloud Canyon 7/23/2011

    SICK! I was just hiking below the Whaleback about 6 days ago after 3 weeks in SEKI. Good on ya.
  12. Partners @ Smith Rock

    Looking for partner(s) for this coming weekend and beyond. Planning on arriving Friday the 15th and sticking around until the 25th. First time to Smith, would be cool to partner up with someone who knows the area. Experienced climber, with all the requisite gear, 5.Fun to 5.Hard. Email ryan dot huetter at hotmail dot com.
  13. Smith Rock State Park Fees

    Never been. Wondering if the day use fee is in addition to the bivy fee (does it cost $10 a day to climb and camp there?) Thanks.
  14. FS: Brand new 70m Rope

    Metolius Monster 9.8 Dry Treated 70 meter cord (blue/teal). I flaked it from its factory coil on a carpet. Otherwise, brand spankin new. $140 plus shipping, Paypal preferred, or pickup in North Kitsap County.
  15. WTB: Ascenders

    I need a pair of ascenders- wall season is just around the corner and I had a fat sack of gear stolen while on a recent trip. Petzl preferred. Good condition. Lemme know your price. ryan dot huetter at hotmail dot com thanks! Also looking for a reasonably priced Thermarest Prolite and Jetboil.
  16. Sick. Karavshin has been on my radar. Wonder if the Kyrgyz instability from last summer has died down...
  17. Hate to do it, but reformatting TRs for a bunch of different website is such a pain! Here is a link to recent backcountry adventure climbing in the heart of the Patagonian wilderness. It was a good time. More photos to come, here is the teaser. www.RyanHuetter.blogspot.com
  18. Patagonian Adventure Climbing

    Just finished uploading a film of the expedition! Check it out at TURBIO IV EXPEDITION VIDEO!
  19. Cool Pic of El Cap

    Somewhere in the upper corners, Tribal Rite
  20. [TR] Alaska Range - Peak 11,300 4/22/2010

    What program did you use to put the vid together?
  21. Nice dude! That heat wave/rain storm weather was bumming me out too! At least you got some varied climbs in.
  22. Cool Pic of El Cap

    ain't NOTHIN like the captain!
  23. [TR] Alaska Range - Peak 11,300 4/22/2010

    That was rad! Thanks for putting that together, I really enjoyed it.
  24. Fresh off the presses, a trip report from a recent traverse of the Evolution Range, an immaculate spine of granite 8.5 miles long! Evolution Trip Report It has been a long time goal for me, and after one failed attempt earlier this year, was stoked to get back on it and finish it off. It has had a pretty popular season for the traverse, including Jim Donini and George Lowe (who celebrated his 67th B-Day on the route!). Ryan
  25. What is up dude! nice work down in Chalten, looks like you had way better weather than I did on De la "s"! Keep crushing! And what is up with Brazilians and Oreos for breakfast? That's all my buddy from Curitiba eats too!