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  1. SOLD

    Nice tools, good price...
  2. Yikes - major avalanche near Steven's Pass 3 gone

    I was speaking more from personal experience than concerning this case. I'm sure they were and am sorry to sound like I was speculating. It is not a useful thing to do. Sorry you lost your friends, it's terrible.
  3. Yikes - major avalanche near Steven's Pass 3 gone

    Agree with this for sure. Sad news.
  4. Illiotibial band syndrome

    Check this out. This guy really knows his stuff. Search your problem and watch the vids. http://www.mobilitywod.com/
  5. Grivel Replacement

    That was the only place outside the UK that I could find...
  6. Grivel Replacement

  7. Jack Roberts dies - Ice climbing fall

    It was great getting to know you Jack. Sorry we won't climb together again, I was looking forward to it. You and your family are in my thoughts.
  8. Yak Peak, BC.

    Is he talking about doing a rock climb or hiking the back side?
  9. Carbon Steel Sabretooth Pons

    Full clip with long bars. If I can find the regular bars they will be included. Removed the superfluous Grivel style eye thingy from the front toe bail. Done lots of climbing but lots of life left. Small crack in the plastic on the heel bail where the strap attaches. Pics can be provided via email, PM me with a reasonable offer and I'll get back to you. Thanks.
  10. Carbon Steel Sabretooth Pons

  11. Grivel Ice tools

    Like my Quantum Techs quite a bit. Swing feels nicer than the Matrix to me.
  12. La Sportiva Boots?

    Lots to read on this. Use the search function here on cc.com, and Dane has written extensively on your various options on his blog... Good luck. http://coldthistle.blogspot.com/2011/02/new-2011-la-sportiva-batura_14.html http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/1012582/Searchpage/1/Main/79857/Words/batura/Search/true/Re_boot_question#Post1012582 http://coldthistle.blogspot.com/search?q=baruntse
  13. recommendations for a 30L - 40L pack

    Hey G - Check out that new gen of Grivels. You know I love my air tech, but those Freneys look great - eyeing the 30. Not sure of the big waist strap, but if it sits high... http://www.grivel.com/products/ice/rucksacks/synoptic
  14. 2012 Grivel Tools

    Hey Dave - which did you see, the Force or the Avatars? Heard about a limited EU release on the Avatars this fall. Hate to know retail on those. Considering the temps over there right now you might be able to dig up a few Nomics to offset the cost...
  15. Dynafit Speed Superlight

    http://www.dynafit.com/product/bindings/tlt-speed-superlite Anyone sporting these? Any feedback? For me not as much about the down with this binding, they are going to be set up with light skis for carry over routes. I'm not expecting any screaming deals on these at this point, but where would you expect to find the best pricing? Thanks
  16. ice screws

    Seems like BD has put some downward pressure on Grivel screw pricing as well. I don't remember the Helix and BD being so closely priced, and I think that the 360 was selling for $75 a year or two ago.
  17. ice screws

    Don't know how it was, but BD stuff sure isn't cheaper in Europe now... I'm just speculating, but I would imagine that the mec prices are lower because of volume purchasing and reduced margin?
  18. ice screws

    It is cheaper, but you are probably comparing the old Turbo here with the new Express south of the border. The Express screws are $49 up here at MEC. Still a good price to me...
  19. Dynafit Speed Superlight

    Ya but planning two ski setups - this one with short, light skis and the superlites just for carryover routes and approaches, and one for everything else. Expensive, yes... but I will have this setup strapped to my back for probably more time than I will be skiing with them. Might be worth it... Food for thought though.
  20. Dynafit Speed Superlight

    Yeah I looked at those Sportivas, but they are a bit too pricey for me. Dynafit claims the speed superlite are a full release... Don't know myself. Couldn't have been worse than the ski over to the Ginat though, eh Dane?
  21. Dane!

    Pretty easy to find pics from fun days out. Looking forward to the next ones! Chilly day on Professors: Warm day on Polar Circus: You'll be better before you know it! -m
  22. Hostering Ice Tools While Mixed Climbing

    Gotta second this unfortunately. Had heard of it before but was skeptical until I experienced it a couple times myself. Grivels for me...
  23. Getting psyched

  24. PM Dane, I think he is looking for these in this size.
  25. Does anyone have beta