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  1. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    I'm sure that you have heard of many organizations for people like your son, but there is a very cool one up here that I think might be relevant to the discussion. It is called that BCMOS (BC Mobility Opportunities Society). They specialize in getting the disabled into the backcountry, and have quite the cool vehicle for it. Opportunities to get him into the backcountry will not end. I bet they'd be helpful even if there is not the equivalent down where you are. http://www.disabilityfoundation.org/bcmos/ good luck
  2. Hey there, Looking for straight shaft Black Prophets in pretty good shape. PM me. thanks...
  3. ice climbing partners

    Anyone out there can also e-mail me for waterfall ice or alpine (or rock for that matter). I lead WI4 and the odd WI5, and hoping to push my boundaries this season. Hoping for many responses... mbkidd@hotmail.com
  4. Cool mountain history

    I have been up there several times - all without a trip to the Rugged summit. If you've spent time there I'm sure that you know the torrential rain that you get up there most of the time. I was born in Tahsis so I have always wanted to get up Rugged - maybe winter is the way. Are you an Islander? Not too many over there who climb waterfall ice. Actually, the Beyond Nootka site that started this thread belongs to a friend of mine Linsay Elms - extremely well travelled over there.
  5. Cool mountain history

    Is this a picture of the access slabs to the Haite Range/Rugged Mountain?