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  1. A5 single portaledge

    Selling A5 single person portaledge. More info here https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/6039780762.html
  2. A5 single portaledge

  3. Various climbing gear

    My brother Dan is selling off lots of his gear. Trying to help him out Porta ledge Shoes Cams Wires Screws And more Here's link to ad on craigslist. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/5670796130.html
  4. Various climbing gear

    All gear is gone except for the single person porta ledge Thanks.
  5. Various climbing gear

    Hey S. The haul bags are gone the gear sling is still available Contacting me through Craig's list works best Thanks
  6. Ice climbing Jan.2-3

    PM sent
  7. After a cold week in Seattle.What has always been high hanging ice was on the ground on that day (2/9/14) FA ? I dont know. who out there knows. first shot is of leading route CYA with part of the touching down ice in background. the rest of the shots are of leading the touching down ice.
  8. first ascent Exit 38 ice, possible FA

    photo credit goes to Mike Massey. Thanks for the funny comments ! Well if it is an FA how about "The Thing" for a name. Definably a rarely seen thing at that crag or in Washington I guess. Bet that it formed an fell down in the span of a week. Luckily just happen to be there when it was best formed.
  9. WA/OR Ice climbing Partner this weekend?

    Im looking to get out to the CYA crag at exit 38 on Sat . Im VERY familure with this crag and it WILL be in on sat. Easy approach start early stay late! Get a big workout in here. lots of routes easyest is about 10+ then all 5.11 from there on. real mix here not just rock climbing with tools and crampons. if this sounds allright to anybody.please tex 2533151860 dont have lots of net access
  10. Lost rock gear in leavenworth

    I might have found your gear at Castle late Sat. Dave 253 315 1860 Glad to get your gear back to ya if its yours !
  11. Exit 38 ice Mon Jan 14

    Looking to get out to 38 on Mon. crag at far east side of exit above RR grade. High milage day can happen out there got all day
  12. Chair Peak/Ice this week monday-wednesday anyone?

    Partner found. Anybody is free to show up. lots of climbing there
  13. Chair Peak/Ice this week monday-wednesday anyone?

    Hey Thanks for heads up. thin is fine, it should be dry. route to far left may be alittle wet but all routes to the right of that about 3 rts should be all dry. There is 2 bolted rts and 2 TRs(still unled)there. Its way easy to walk around takes about 10 to 15mins then TR eveything if not up for leading
  14. Chair Peak/Ice this week monday-wednesday anyone?

    Hey John I was about to post up for getting out on Monday. Im really mostly into going to exit 38. To the mix crag at the east side of the exit above the RR grade. It should be in great cond. now for lots of climbing right there. let me know
  15. Banks Harder lines in!!! Need partner!!

    thanks for the Cable info. thought it may be wet still going to go kayaking instead.
  16. Banks Harder lines in!!! Need partner!!

    Hey if someone needs a patner/carpooler I could roll with someone Monday(26th) morning for a couple days or whatever.pitch in gass $. Im in Renton. Hounestly I would be most interested in checking out the Cable. Hey Craig is the mix traverse from bottom left all a go for the lead on the Cable. Is the thing mostly dry? it rarely drys out. Hey Craig just seeing your other post I guess the mix traverse is in. Way to get it man, Rad !
  17. 2011/12 Washington Ice Conditions

    Im jealous an bummed I got to wait till Sat to get someone togo with to SLL. Hope those guys have a good time. Id like to read how it goes.
  18. 2011/12 Washington Ice Conditions

    late start hike out to see what Source Lake Line is looking like today. this is as close as i got. im free all this week to give it a closer look with gear.
  19. Newly Bolted Route: Sunshine Wall

    wow Thank You for all the kind words! Im just seeing this thread. route name has been shorten to "Pants Down" Yes back in mid 90s just went for the no prerehersal lead. thankfully it went good gear was super bad but cimbing was great.Yoder said it was an FFA. now roughly 15yrs later just thought it would be nice to put some bolts and anchor on the route. I hope this doesnt offend anybody. Im not replacing choped bolts or getting invovled in any debates. I dont know any of the story of who bolted or choped Red m&ms I do know Red m&ms is super great grear compared to Pants Down. Thanks again ,Dave M
  20. SLL what a Classic route out there ! you know if your not up for the epic lead of the route there is an easy way around. just go up the ramp to the right to the base of the short steep step baley follower here. then continue to top. then move left and rap off tree to the top anchor of SSL. Ive done this going out there early in season when route is a fun thin mix line and would be a free solo on lead.so have been thankful for the mellow way around. your top photos shows the way. Happy Climbing !
  21. Palouse Falls

    On a unimportant sidenote : Its amazing this falls was recently successfully run in a kayak. Making it the current world record for highest waterfall run in a kayak.
  22. La Nina: A bust thus far??

    I apologize for this I know this is NOT a kayaking site but this has been an EPIC whitewater winter season in western Wash. and recently in Leavenworth too, nonstop highwater levels ! Yes, unless we get lots more snow this springs runoff may be so so but it sure is nice now .
  23. CYA and dry tool wall

    First off I apoligize for my newbe friend who just started climbing 2 months ago.I just saw this. he went with us and just hungout on ground with camera. I dont know why he feels the need to spray. Thier was no soloing going on. Thankfully that crag has mellow hike around.TR anchors are setup on many trees on top with fixed biners. Thats what me and friend that climbed that day did. Crag was in great shape that day. as far as I know the line on right ( the TR photos) has no FA. is this true? it would be a great line. stout start to fat ice. hopefully another cold snap happens soon. this crag is great when its in!
  24. 2009/2010 Washington Ice

    went out to Source Lake Line today. Pat led the route just to the right of SLL.It was about 3+ to a 4- top out step at the end of route.Then got a TR on the unformed SLL.The piller was no where near to forming as fat as it was last year.But still a way way enjoyable link up on TR and totally dry.
  25. 2009/2010 Washington Ice

    My thoughts go out to Guy L. Rainier crag today, all dry for now Thanks for going out there with me Pat!