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  1. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    Is that all you got? Pussy. I'd be really surprised if you said you had offspring because by the looks of it these posts will be your only lasting legacy. But hey, don't take it so hard, it's only spray or is that jist?
  2. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    I had very liberal--"live and let live"--beliefs when I was much younger and in college. That was then. The worldview of a conscientious person should change over time given the fluid nature of life circumstances. Am I right? I don't know. So you believe that the deeper eternal truths become evident in society over time, that government is the vehicle of change, and that an ideal society is approaching where human rights hold the highest value Uber Alles? Somehow I feel that these changes are substitute gratifications while the system is essentially flawed, that these changes serve as a pressure release valve, that a secular religion of existentialism rooted in materialism is exalted as the cult of the future. So back to the question. I will not commit to a yes or no answer.
  3. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    How can a person be this blatantly bigoted and blind to it? There is nothing more to the issue than allowing gays to marry - nothing. All that 'much more' IS the bigotry. Following your pathetic line of logic would return us to the days when states could outlaw interracial marriage so as not to infringe on racists' 'right' to raise their kids with the correct 'upbringing' free of gov't imposed mind-control. This is exactly why religious fundamentalism - anywhere and of any kind - is so dangerous to human rights and free, democratic nations. Whew, Joseph I'm devastated. Why are you disrespecting me? Well, this IS spray. You think that my posts are who I am. So you put a label on me and that's that. The substance of who I am is that label. Well done. You don't know me. You don't know my voting record, etc. You make assumptions then you attack me even though I am just a messenger. Have you considered that I am purposely taking that position not as my base beliefs but rather from the standpoint that there are two sides to give voice to? You have couched your position so that one side is wholly right while the other side is grossly wrong. You suppress legitimate concerns as meaningless or trivial. My initial standpoint is that I believe it is an injustice to force others to conform by dictate. I can’t speak to the moral equivalence of the two issues, one being the discrimination against a group, the other being the method used to change society. The latter is the issue that I’m addressing. My understanding is that there is a third way that seeks to respect values on both sides, because to have otherwise, can only lead to conflict. namaste
  4. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    Is that where you go for relief?
  5. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    So was Samuel Johnson the first Maoist?
  6. Country is going batshit crazy

    Or it could be the fap attack masquerading as gun fantasy: [video:youtube]kCHefFHDcwE
  7. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    Thus, the mushroom.
  8. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    I have never had a problem with the recognition of the disenfranchised. I just find it interesting that 'you' use the same tactics that you rail against, i.e., pitting right vs wrong that you accuse Christians of doing? How can you be so legalistically rigid in framing the issue when actually the issue is much more than allowing gays to marry? Why seek to marginalize a larger number of people by calling them stupid or irrelevant?
  9. Country is going batshit crazy

    My layman's theory is that it involves a profound feeling of lack of control. A revenge fantasy manifesting as the last act of will. Maybe it's the 'trickle-down' effect of our national psyche enacting the revenge fantasy of 911.
  10. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    When I read this, I assumed it was infering to allowing a state like Vermont to be able to make local choices without a right wing christian-big government or George Bush style political ass-stomping telling them otherwise. Of course, allowing states the ability to chose there own path you may have states like Georgia having consent to marriage age of 13 or 14 and places states perhaps like Alabama allowing brothers and sisters to marry. Might even have prostitution in parts of Nevada. ....wait How come you're the only one that gets the gist of what I'm saying.
  11. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    Where do I specifically object? This board is full of everyone's own projections of the Other. So when are you going to recognize that your own objections arise from yourself?
  12. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    You got me pegged all wrong dude.
  13. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    Whoa there, chief. I love all my bruthas and sistas...but especially the sistas.
  14. Country is going batshit crazy

    Tommy? I don't see how clothes can make someone go ballistic.
  15. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    I do not see why you do not understand a parent’s right to raise their children free from the interference of a government mandated social agenda. Why is that so hard to understand? So you actually believe that the will of the state invalidates the wishes of the parent? Tell me why government should force otherwise mature parents of children to conform to the state’s vision of the ideal society? And why should judicial activism be used nihilistically to remold society in some ‘enlightened’ vision of a select few? Isn’t this what could be properly termed the ‘tyranny of the minority’? And why is it that you not see the contradiction in your own views? You would call someone a bigot for having the conviction of their beliefs in raising their children free from your overbearing intolerant demands? So now (armed with your ACLU membership card), you’re a self-professed expert in constitutional law? Tell me, how far can we take this 14th Amendment? Does it protect individuals who practice lifestyle choices involving alternative marital arrangements such as polygamy? Does it protect pedophiles? In other words, does it require that others accept as normal what they consider to be deviant behavior? I’m not necessarily saying it’s deviant only that you consider if it is just for people to be forced to conform to someone else’s standard. Why is it so difficult to see the distinction between what is seen as genetically determined versus what is considered to be a behavioral choice? Inclusion under a protected status would be more readily accepted by society at large if that difference is rooted in an inherent basis and don’t tell me stories about the sexual behavior of animals as your pop science validation of your beliefs.
  16. Vermont legalizes gay marriage

    Isn’t it hypocritical to apply your ideas of what constitutes tolerance to everyone especially in a society that is not homogeneous? If that were the case, then per community standards your vision of a just society would be acceptable. However, shouldn’t parents have the right to raise their children as they see fit? If those parents find that lifestyle unacceptable, should the long arm of gov’t force these parents to alter their mindset and consequently their children’s upbringing in order to form your vision of an ideal social order? Personally, I don’t strongly object to what consenting adults do behind closed doors and your example (hospital visit) makes reasonable sense but I also do not see this issue in the same light as racial discrimination. So, I object to any federal push to weaken the Defense of Marriage Act. Let there be 50 social experiments but don’t force any of these 50 to legally recognize what passes as acceptable by federal dictate.
  17. Bug vs. Hugh

    What is it? It's hurting my eyes!

  19. Rock hard?

    [video:youtube]NjGkTda0dt4 [video:youtube]PheY4BtZ5Xc
  20. Rock hard?

    Taken one way, the attitude expressed by the guru is part of what led us to the mess we're currently in, for instance, this attitude as a driver for someone experiencing dissatisfaction with his standing in life so that the idea of living beyond his means becomes dominant. When this happens, self-actualization becomes corrupted as hedonism or to put it another way, that higher ‘chakra’ goal becomes degraded to a lower ‘chakra’ endeavor. This is not to cast morality on the entire work. So the desired goal becomes paramount in perhaps a Nietzschean way, i.e., the methodology can be discarded when the end is achieved. The Vajrayana Buddhists speak of this as using a wedge to discard a wedge. The idea is not to get stuck in the lower ‘chakra’ which psychologically speaking means do not stay rooted like a tree to a lower state of being. On the other hand, the attitude is the beginning of change in situations such as slavery which could not have been overcome without the underlying need to break out. I believe that even though genetics primarily determines an individual’s potential and environment conditions how much of that potential is developed, sociocultural conditioning is key to being aware of limitations in the first place. Is this not what Rousseau meant in reference to society: "Man was born free; and everywhere is in chains"? So I believe that the revolution is at first personal but then ripples outwards toward society at which point it meets resistance or assimilation. Personally, I believe that the problems comprising the human condition cannot be entirely overcome within the larger society without us becoming something more than human or other than human. Our rearrangements of society will shuffle the problems around but not solve them. The establishment of a counterculture is again veiling the reality. We will then have to follow a path of transhumanism.
  21. AIG

    There's nothing you said that I disagree with. You're right I don't understand a lot about derivatives, not many people do. It just seemed that the magnitude of those numbers is something extraordinary in itself. Like, oh, 93 million miles. 93 million is a hellva long ways (relatively) but not for a coronal mass ejection to reach the earth. Anyway, I thought those numbers were interesting. It seems that trust and confidence are more important than those numbers. Do I trust that the experts working on this mess will be able to keep matters under control?
  22. Prius vs Jetta TDI

    Advertisement? [video:youtube]4AUurBnLbJw
  23. AIG

    Advertisement? [video:youtube]zHCG5DXRC8o
  24. Honeypot?

    Tactical weapons stolen from WSP vehicle
  25. AIG

    Then, there's the dawning realization that those greedy people involved in the derivatives business should have been recognized as a big a threat as any Islamic terrorist in terms of global effect. --source: The Size of Derivatives Bubble = $190K Per Person on Planet --source: AIG Bonuses Are A Smoke Screen . . . As Derivatives Bubble Grows 22% To $206K Per-Person-On-Planet!