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  1. Labeled illustration of North Cascades

    Why not put it on CafePress and let them do the printing and shipping? They would print on-demand. Downside is that it would likely reduce the amount of margin you can provide for the fund raiser. But at least it gets the posters into the hands of those interested. For example: Here (http://bit.ly/48RXer) is 23" x 35" which is print on-demand for $17.99. You can mark it up however high you want. CafePress handles the shipping and payment.
  2. Alpine Lakes Weather Forecast?

    When I spoke to the rangers at Leavenworth yesterday, they recommended NOAA.
  3. Chimbo, thanks for the TR. My partner and I plan to climb this route next weekend.
  4. Best camp shoe when glacier camping?

    Yes, these definitely worked. The aqua socks felt like a modified rock shoe as I boulder scrambled around basecamp on the way to the privy.
  5. Best camp shoe when glacier camping?

    DonnV - great idea on checking the warehouse stores. I picked up a pair for $7.48 at Dick's Sporting Goods.
  6. When I bring double plastics, I just wear the inner boot around camp. But when I'm wearing leathers, I bring sneakers or pair of Keen sandals (crocs are too slick). I'm trying to find a better alternative that is super compressible so I can reduce volume in the backpack. What is your favorite shoe for kicking around camp?
  7. La Sportiva Trango ALP ???

    I just noticed from the above pics that the lacing system is different - on the Alps you have a better lacing system. The fifth pair of eyelets will clamp down on the lace securing the foot while you fine tune the fit on the ankle. You can't do that with the Evos or Extreme Evos unless you do some funky lace tricks.
  8. La Sportiva Trango ALP ???

    I just received a pair of Trango Alps from OMC and am comparing them side by side to the Trango Extreme Evo Light. The Alps weigh less than the Extreme Evos, and are more soft and pliable. The Extreme Evos have a pronounced front welt, whereas the Alps do not. If you will do more vert ice and front pointing where a stable platform is key, you may be better off with the Extreme Evos. There is a key difference in fit. For some reason, the thickness of the platform on the Extreme Evos creates a smaller toebox and reduced volume. My feet are cramped in these, whereas the Alps have plenty of wiggle room. In both, I am experiencing some heel lift (which I don't in Sportiva Glaciers). It been awhile since I tried on Trango Evos, so can't remember how the fit compares to Extreme Evos or Alps.
  9. [TR] Little Annapurna - North slog 10/1/2007

    Hiked up Little Annapurna from our campsite at Leprechaun Lake. This was early August 06. The dusting you rec'd took away from the summit experience. If you go in August, you can get away with just trekking poles and good boots to kick-step into the snow pack.
  10. This is definitely the time of year to hit JSP. As long as you camp on the snow above the lakes, the mosquitos aren't too terrible.
  11. I was backpacking in this area in early July and came across those butterflies you mentioned. It was very surreal to to see thousands of butterflies swarming over the ridgeline. Approach was via the PCT to the south of Jeff State Park. We camped out on Park Ridge at about 7,500, looking down on the park and facing the north face of Mt Jefferson. The next morning glissaded down into the park proper and tromped around the lakes. After climbing back up to Park Ridge and having lunch, the butterflies were in full force. This was at 7,200. One of the threads mentioned mosquitos. Yep they were there, but not as prevalent if you camped on the ridge. That was the huge factor in not camping down in the soup (with the warm weather and melt-off). BTW - the sunsets were some of the best I have ever seen. You can see the full roll at http://www.flickr.com/photos/12597330@N03/sets/72157601841759431/with/1312328275/