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  1. Millet XL Wind Shell Jacket

    Extra large Millet Wind Shell Jacket with M-Wind Membrane. Never worn. Too big for me and store wouldn't take it back. Blue/black. Picture in gallery. I couldn't get it to load on this page. $40
  2. Constance conditions

    I might be in the area next week (I notice a storm forescast startng Wednesday) and was wondering what conditions were up on Constance/Inner Constance? I am guessing it has snowed already. Has it stayed and, if so, how deep? Thanks.
  3. John, I sent you a pm with some OMR questions.
  4. XXL harnesses

    Thanks for the tips. I looked at the websites and these will definitely work.
  5. I too would be up for a cc.com gathering around Inner Constance and maybe also some gathering to recognize OMR for their efforts in the C141 recovery almost 33 yrs later.
  6. XXL harnesses

    Does anyone know of any non-sport harnesses that would fit a large guy with a 42 in waist or larger? A football lineman size guy wants to join us for some mountaineering but can't find a harness. I have a 26 yr old REI harness that fits him but would rather use an up to date harness.
  7. Porter and OlympicMtnBoy, lets talk over the winter about an outing to these peaks. We cold do C141, Warrior and then play on Constance for a few days.
  8. Bellingham, WA climbing and outdoors

    There isn't much local rock but no one has mentioned the bouldering on Sehome Hill or is that closed off now due to impact reasons?
  9. Thanks for the info Animal and OlympicMtnBoy. I live in Utah so maybe next summer we could go up C141 peak and repeat Warrior and other satellites? My Dad's plane crashed 50 feet from the summit into a chimney. I think I can get photos from the McChord AFB history library. The cockpit stayed lodged in the chimney while the rest of the plane broke off and slide down the west slope with a few items, like an inflatable raft, going over the top into the basin on the east side. Supposedly, The Oly NP Service and the US AF removed all wreckage and then put a small plaque on a boulder down by Home lake. I can email you the names of the OMR guys that were part of the recovery if you want some first hand info.
  10. Has anyone climbed C141 peak? Can you mark it in one of those pictures? I was 15 and a budding mountaineer when my Dad perished in a C141 into that peak! Unfortunately, I have yet to climb that peak in his honor or honor the OMR team that risked their lives searching for survivors in the midst of very high avi danger.
  11. I have a business meeting Sept 25 with in 80 miles of Lone Pine. Thus, with near full moon and predicted good weather, I am considering a moonlight ascent of the Whitney Mountaineer's route starting late evening of 25 or due to permit restrictions, waiting until just after midnight on the morning of the 26. Anyone interested? You can email me at seakayakislands@earthlink.net