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  1. Ropeup 2009!

    That, I can do! Guess that means I should leave the kiddos at home? Thanks for the info, and I can't wait! ~Amber
  2. Ropeup 2009!

    Quick question. I've been to Rockfest a number of times over the years, and tried to make it to Rope Up in 2007, but was unable to. From what I've heard, Rope up is similar to Rockfest, just on a smaller, and more casual, scale. What kind of equiptment does each person need to bring? I have shoes and a harness, but none of the ropes or belay devices, etc, as I don't get to climb nearly as often as I'd like to. If someone could even just point me in the right direction for info, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks ~Amber
  3. Noob here...

    Go to Rockfest in Leavenworth (this year, June 5-7). It's a great way for beginners to mix with moderate and even expert climbers; plus, it's just a great, relaxing weekend with cool people! Go to www.featheredfriends.com and call them for info.
  4. Feathered Friends Robbery

    Yikes! That's awful! I'm sorry to hear the store got robbed =( Definatly keep an eye out on ebay and craigs list.
  5. Learn to Ice climb...?

    Wow, thank you to everyone for the responses! I work in retail, so I can't really afford (money or time) to run off to cali or CO...so it's nice to know there are some local areas to learn the basics! Hopefully, I find some one thats knowledgeable and willing to teach me =)
  6. Learn to Ice climb...?

    Ok, I'm farmiliar with rock climbing; been doing that for a few years. What I'd really like to do now is to learn to ICE CLIMB!! I don't know where to go, who to talk to, what equiptment I'll need...someone help me!!!! It looks like a sport I could really get into, if I could just figure out HOW!!! ANY advice would be appreciated -Amber
  7. Rope Up 2007

    I wish I had been able to go!!! It looks like you guys had a great time! Unfortunatly, a financial 'emergencey' (i.e. I was flat broke) kept me from attending this year, as I had hoped to do. Ahhhh well....*sigh* maybe next year....?
  8. Rope Up 2007

    I'm still somewhat unfarmiliar with some of the terms, and what some of the equiptment is for....but I'm trying to learn! Will there be anyone who can give me a crash course for that weekend?
  9. Rope Up 2007

    Ok, I'm a beginner, and I'm bringing a few beginner friends....are kids ok on this? Mine is 10 and he loves climbing!
  10. Rope Up 2007

    lol truer (sp?) have never been spoken
  11. Mt. shasta in December

    Is this the kind of thing ameateurs should stay away from until they have more experience?
  12. Church of Climbing

    I'd totally join a church of climbing....which is pretty good for an agnostic! haha
  13. Rope Up 2007

    I have the harness but I think it's time for new shoes!
  14. Rope Up 2007

    Is this similiar to Rockfest? I'd love to go, but I don't really have any gear yet. Any suggestions? Any information I can get on this get together would be awesome. I'm addicted to Rockfest, and once a year isn't enough! Thanks -Ber