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  1. Climbing in Brooks Range

    I was thinking of Michaelson. What time of year did you climb. I'll be up there the last 2 weeks in June.
  2. Climbing in Brooks Range

    I'm looking into a trip into the Brooks Range. Has anyone here done any climbing up there? Have any good resourses and/or beta? Thanks
  3. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    I would propose the you keep the preaching to yourselves. From your site. "Purpose: To share the love and truth of Christ with other climbers on the mountain" The mountain itself is "God" I do not need or want some missioary up there violating my church. Go experience the mountain for yourselves...Leave the preaching behind. The truth is in Nature...not the bible. Peace
  4. anyone for Rainer in the winter time?

    I'd be psyched about a winter climb as well. Looks like there's plenty of interest; all we need is a window:) Please let me know if there is a team with an opening. THX
  5. Seattle Drytool Night

    Is anyone up for a little exercise tonight?
  6. Into the Wild

    I definately see alot Chris w/in me. His contempt for societies false values and misguided energy also runs deep in my veins. While he was not necessarily a role model; I admire his free spirit and search for his truth. Good movie...book was better.
  7. Seattle Drytool Night

    It looks like the P&R is still closed. Is there another place to meet near by?
  8. Drytool area???

    Does any one have any ideas for drytooling areas close to seattle? I need some practice! Thanks